10 New tricks and functions of Whatapp

new whatsapp tricks We all use Whatsapp every day to exchange messages with friends, colleagues, relatives, girlfriends and anyone else who participates in a themed group.
Whatsapp is a very easy-to-use application, like SMS, where you just need to select the recipient, write and send the message.
There are, however, many other less well-known functions in Whatsapp, options to activate or deactivate, different ways of sending messages and, above all, reading them.
We have listed most of the tricks for Whatsapp in another article that I kept up to date as the app was updated over the years.
Given the numerous recent updates of this application, now is the time to summarize the New features and new Whatsapp tricks.

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1) Change fonts in messages

WhatsApp has added the ability to send text messages with a different font called Fixedsys.
To change the writing character in a message, you need to add three accents ` at the beginning and end of the sentence or word.
For example, “ `How2do“`

On the iPhone, the character of the grave accent is obtained by keeping the apostrophe pressed, while on the Android keyboard it is found in the second screen of symbols.

2) Format text in messages

One of the newest features of Whatsapp, which I talked about in another article, is the ability to format text and write bold, italic or crossed out messages.

3) Use two or more WhatsApp accounts on the same phone

If until some time ago, to use two Whatsapp accounts it was necessary to run particular apps almost never working or complicated procedures, now Parallel Space is out to use an app like Whatsapp with two accounts together.
This way you can simply open a second Whatsapp session on a completely independent virtual environment.
The only drawback is that having two Whatsapps active on the phone the battery runs out much sooner.

4) Read messages without sending read receipts

We already know that it is possible to deactivate the reading confirmation (blue check) on Whatsapp, provided, however, to renounce seeing the read confirmations of the others.
If you don’t want this, the only trick is to read the message previews from the notification bar, which, on the iPhone, can become more than just a preview.
If you use an iPhone, when you receive a message on WhatsApp you can simply use the 3D touch (with a light touch) to get a preview of the message and read it without notifying the sender.
On Android, instead, there are some apps to hide the access and the reading of messages that disable the connection when activated to avoid sending a confirmation.

5) Forward messages in other conversations

As already explained and as it happens for Emails, it is now possible to forward messages and make citations in Whatsapp, to resume what others have written and to turn important messages into other chats.
This is especially useful in group chats, where you can make things clear when you reply to someone.

6) Block notification preview

Preview notifications for messages received in WhatsApp on the lock screen or on the iPhone notification center can be a bit annoying for those who want to maintain privacy.
On iPhone you can easily stop notification from the notification center by going into Settings -> Notifications and turning off previews.
On Android smartphones, there is no such option, but you can go to Android Settings> Apps> WhatsApp> Notifications to tap the option that blocks all notifications from Whatsapp.
In reality, this drastic measure is not necessary for most of the cases and we have studied, in this blog, other interesting solutions for:
– Mute Whatsapp and turn off notifications
– Improve notifications on Android on the screen lock
– Hide Whatsapp messages, chats and contacts

7) Find who talks most

If you want to know who you chat with most in Whatsapp, on iPhone just go to Whatsapp, Settings> Account> File Usage to see the contacts with which they exchange more messages, photos and videos.
On Android, this feature is not yet available.

8) Check who read the message in a group

If we are part of a group on WhatsApp and we have just posted an important message, we can easily check who has read it.
On an iPhone just swipe on the message while on Android hold down on the message sent and then press the key with the up.
You can then see who has read the message and at what time.

9) Unblock if someone has blocked you

We have explained, in another article, how to block people on Whatsapp.
Instead, there is also a trick to unlocking our account from another’s block by doing a complete reset.
Basically, go to Whatsapp Settings and cancel the account completely, uninstall Whatsapp, then reinstall Whatsapp and re-register as if we were new.
You will lose all information and data stored, including chat, backup, photos and so on, but we will return to being able to communicate with anyone who has blocked us.
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10) Send files from Whatsapp

In Whatsapp, you can send photos, send videos and even documents.
We have seen in another article how to send PDF and Office documents to Whatsapp.

11) Tag to Whatsapp in groups, so that those who are tagged receive notification without the possibility of being able to ignore it.

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