40 Offline games to play without internet on Android and iPhone

play without connection Mobile games are ideal for spending time in dead moments outside the home, and it is a pity to be prevented from playing just because there is no internet connection available at that time.
Furthermore, mobile games that only work with an internet connection, consume much more battery power, often display advertisements and, in many cases, require a stable and functioning connection.
To play on your smartphone on the train, in the plane, at the sea, in the mountains, in any place where the phone does not take, where there are no wifi networks to connect to and when you do not want to stay online to avoid being bothered by messages and notifications , you can find many level games that work offline.

In this article, we see the 40 best games for Android and iOS, which can be played offline from your mobile (Samsung, HTC, LG, Huawei, Honor, Nokia, etc.), from iPhone, iPad, and other tablets, even without an internet connection, for all tastes.

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1) Asphalt 8: Airborne, free for iPhone and Android) is one of the most entertaining games for mobile phones, a 3D car race with different tracks and console graphics, playable by yourself without having to compete with other people online.

2) Alto’s Adventure (free for iPhone and Android) is a game of the runner genre with a character that skips cliffs and snow-covered mountains with horizontal and continuous scrolling.
The gameplay can be described as delightful, with designs and dark colors that change the shapes and tones for the climate and with a pleasant relaxing soundtrack.

3) Badland (free for iPhone and Android) is a game of the most beautiful in terms of atmosphere and playability, where you have to run an animal trying not to crash into spikes and not to get stuck.
Those who have never played it would do well to recover this title, which can be played offline wherever you want.

4) Temple Run 2 (Free for iPhone and Android) is a very successful runner game, with neat images and a fun run to play at any free time or waiting, without needing to connect to the internet.
Temple Run 2, like SubWay Surfers and Pitfall, is among the best “Runner” games for Android and iPhone.

5) Minecraft Pocket Edition (for Android and for iPhone) is not a free game, but it is one of the greatest successes in the history of video games that deserves mention here for its offline playability and the many hours it can be played.
You can really create anything in Minecraft, from a teddy bear to a big spaceship or even a city in an open world.
For those not familiar, Minecraft is a construction and survival game with endless possibilities, which I described in another article.

6) Respawnables (free for iPhone and Android) is a fun fighting game that allows you to play offline and without internet over 100 missions.

7) Defender 2 (free for iPhone and Android) is a very addictive defense game, with nice comic graphics, one of the best mobile games.

8) Plague Inc., the simulation of deadly diseases, whose purpose is to infect and kill the entire world population, is among the best games to play offline on the plane or during long waits, on iPhone and Android, for free.

9) Free Flow (free for iPhone and Android) is one of the most interesting puzzle games ever made, where you need to connect two dots of the same color in a grid of squares.

10) Dead Trigger 2 (free for iPhone and Android), the first of the 3D zombie mobile shooter games, you can also play offline, unlike the 2 which instead always requires internet connection.

11) Death Dome (free for iPhone and Android) a very powerful 3D horror game, where you fight with special splatter moves.

12) PBA Bowling (free for iPhone and Android) is bowling, with lots of tournaments and games where you can do a strike, in 3D.

13) Crazy Taxi (free for iPhone and Android) is a racing game with many races available very fast and fun.

14) Thimbleweed Park (for Android and iPhone) is the most beautiful game that can be found for lovers of point and click graphic adventures, heir to the nostalgic Monkey Island from which it takes up the style and the game mode.
The cost of this game is among the highest in stores, as much as 10 euros, but it is ad-free, all offline and complete.

15) Doodle Jump (free for iPhone and Android) is one of the most popular mobile games, where the goal is to get as high as possible by jumping on the platforms and avoiding obstacles, without stopping.

16) JetPack JoyRide, the famous continuous-scrolling game, you can play offline on iPhone and Android, without limits.

17) dots, the game where you connect colored dots as quickly as possible is always a very successful pastime around the world.

18) Sky Gamblers: Rise Of Glory (free for iPhone and Android) is a very nice and playable 3D air combat game where you want, offline.

19) Cytus (free for Android, 1.70 euros for iPhone) is perhaps the most beautiful music game, with a beautiful graphic, where you have to touch the screen in time of music, to try and have absolutely on the phone or tablet.

20) Dr. Driving (free for iPhone and Android) is a fun pastime, a car race where you can even play alone, without an internet connection.

21) Angry Birds of Star Wars 2 (Free), one of the best of the Angry Birds series, with a nice scale, over 120 game levels and more than 30 different birds to crash.

22) Plants Vs Zombies 2 for iPhone and Android (free), one of the most downloaded games of all time, with addictive gameplay, fun graphics and increasing difficulty to stay busy for hours.
The game is of the Tower Defense genre, with the aim of defending itself against zombies, playable even offline (even if an internet connection is required to synchronize progress).

23) Hungry Shark World, for Android and iPhone, it is the game of great success, cute and a little macabre where you drive sharks to eat unwary bathers you can play offline without problems.

24) Subway Surfers (Android and iPhone), the most famous runner game ever, you can play even without internet connection and it’s free.

25) CSI Hiden Crimes, free for Android and for iPhone, is the investigation game inspired by the famous detective TV series.

26) Punch Quest, funny arcade fighting game, which can be played in any condition, even without an internet connection.

27) Cut the Rope (free for Android and iPhone) a great classic of puzzle games.

28) Fruit Ninja (free for Android and iPhone).

29) Smash Hit free for Android and for iPhone), a 3D game where follows the path of a steel ball that runs along a path.

30) Eternium (free for Android and for iPhone) is one of the best RPG for mobile, which can also be played offline and for free, without having to pay to win.

31) STRIKERS 1945-2 (free for Android and iPhone)

32) Stickman Tennis (free for Android and iPhone)

33) Zombie World War (free for Android and iPhone)

34) Assassin’s Creed (free for Android and iPhone)

35) ZENONIA 5 (free for Android and iPhone)

36) Freeze! The escape (free for Android and iPhone)

37) 2048 (free for Android and iPhone)

38) Into the Dead (free for Android and iPhone)

39) Rayman Adventures (free for Android and iPhone)

40) Clumsy Ninja (free for Android and iPhone)

Google has also created one special page in the Play Store with the offline game collection for Android, playable even in Airplane mode and when there is no internet connection.

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