Apple CarPlay, a GPS bug makes Maps unusable and dangerous

Apple is constantly updating each of its operating systems, both those linked to smartphones, tablets, watches and computers and those linked to the automotive world. When it comes to Apple CarPlayusers always have their antennas upright waiting to understand what is changing.

The famous platform that can be used via your car’s infotainment system is constantly updated but is not free from problems. As users know, compared to the counterpart represented by Android Auto there would be many fewer problems, but in this case a problem It seems to have been going on for some time.

In fact, more people have complained about the GPS lock which would happen continuously, although not always. There are days when navigation using the maps supplied with Apple CarPlay is completely interrupted. This would make it impossible to use all applications such as Maps, Google Maps, Waze etc.

Apple CarPlay GPS blocking issue has been going on for too long

Many had limited the problem to only certain car models, but this seems not to be the case. Apple CarPlay would present such an onset in both modes wired That wireless on several cars.

The problem would manifest itself with some distinctive symptoms: the GPS freezes completely, the small navigation arrow stops updating and the map tends to no longer move. This means that any detailed information will no longer be updated. In some cases the arrow disappears completely leaving room forlarge localization circle with blue edges. Currently the problem persists and these are the car models that to date have seen the problem most often:

  • Volkswagen passat;
  • Volkswagen Golf R;
  • Toyota Rav4 (1) 2023;
  • Toyota Rav4 (2) 2023;
  • Ford Bronco;
  • BMW iDrive 8;
  • Ford Mustang Mach-E;
  • Ram 1500;
  • Ford Rapace;
  • Kia Stinger 2022;
  • Volkswagen Taos 2022.

It is hoped that as soon as possible Apple will realize the mix-up and proceed with an update capable of fixing the issue.


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