iOS 17.1 solves two annoying problems, including the unresponsive keyboard

Apple has made the Release Candidate available to developers and beta testers iOS 17.1. The public version of the iPhone OS update will be available next week (probably Tuesday, October 24) and will bring with it some important improvements. Two are of particular interest.

Two bugs (keyboard and display) fixed by iOS 17.1

Since the first beta of the major update, therefore since June of this year, many users have encountered a poor keyboard responsiveness, resulting in typing errors. Especially on iPhones that are a few years older but still compatible with iOS 17.

Apple was certainly aware of this annoying bug and has in fact fixed it with version 17.1 of the operating system. He announces it with the official changelog of the update, which at the moment only developers and beta testers can get their hands on. «Fixed an issue that could make the keyboard less responsive“, it is read.

iOS 17 keyboard

Another fixed bug, certainly more problematic than the one described above, concerns several units of iPhone 15 Pro e 15 Pro Max, devices that have recently arrived on the market. In fact, on social networks and forums there are many (too many!) reports of users complaining about a image persistence problem on your newly purchased Apple smartphone. iOS 17.1 fixes this anomaly and brings everything back to normal.

iPhone 15 Pro - Image Persistence

The update, as anticipated, will be available for download next week, maybe Tuesday 24 October. It also introduces some new features, such as the possibility of complete sending files with AirDrop using your Internet connection when the other person, for one reason or another, is no longer within range of AirDrop.


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