Best Apps for Android Auto for music, messages, maps and more

app with android car Android Auto is one of the best technological implementations for modern cars, a simple and inexpensive control center that makes each machine “smart” and connected with all the apps we are used to. In machines that have an on-board computer with Android Auto it is possible to install, on your smartphone, many of the applications of the newspaper, so you can use them while driving, with voice commands and large graphic display and optimized for the on-board computer screen. You can then call, send a message, listen to streaming music as you would at home, ask for directions, listen to reading books and many other things.
To configure Android Auto just connect the phone to the USB port of the machine to set it up and go. There is no need for an internet connection to be active in the car because the smartphone is the go-between.Without forgetting that you can use Android Auto on every machine thanks to the smartphone app, we see in this article le best apps that are compatible with Android Auto, which integrate within its interface, to customize the experience of the intelligent on-board computer and expand its functionality.

Article Index

  • Books and Audiobooks
  • Listen to music
  • Streaming music
  • Internet Radio and Podcasts
  • Satellite navigator and Maps
  • Whatsapp, Messenger, and other chats
  • SMS
  • Other apps

Listen to reading books and podcasts in your car

Among the apps for listening to Ebook reading, the best is Google Play Books, fully supported by Android Auto.
Even better, it is possible to hear the reading of audiobooks, which unlike normal books are read by a human voice and not by artificial intelligence. Among the apps for Audiobooks in Italian, the best is Amazon Audible, which can be used free of charge in a limited or subscription version.

Listen to music in the car from the phone

For those who use the smartphone as an MP3 player, thus saving the songs inside the phone, Android Auto asks to install Google Play Music which works well, even if it is not the best of its kind. Among the best apps to listen to music on Android, you can use an app like this as a local music player MediaMonkey, simple for simple and customizable, even in Android Auto. Alternatively, you can also try DoubleTwist Audio, which also supports Podcasts or JetAudio or even Pulsar Music Player.

App to listen to streaming music in Android Auto

The two best apps for listening to music via the internet are definitely Amazon Prime Music, Deezer is Spotify, usable with the subscription (but Amazon Prime Music is free for Prime subscribers). The car radio, thanks to these applications and the telephone connection, allows you to choose any song you want to listen to while driving and to ask for voice playlist of any kind, without limitations and without ever having to touch buttons. Both Spotify and Amazon Music work well with voice commands and allow quick access to saved playlists.

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Listen to web radios and podcasts on Android Auto

Applications with online radio are especially useful when traveling, so you can stay tuned to your favorite station without having to search for the frequency in the normal radio. In addition, internet radios offer a virtually unlimited choice of stations at FM or web radio from all over the world, to be able to choose to listen to the music of different genres for free (without a subscription) or to discuss local politics and sports. Among these apps are excellent TuneIn, MyTuner is Simple Radio, supported in Android Auto.
For Podcasts, you can always use Tunein, or more specific apps like theĀ Podcast Republic, which also supports the addition of Podcasts via Feed and is virtually unlimited in reproducing talk shows and episodes from anywhere.

Satellite navigator and Maps for Android Auto

Android Auto was designed to work natively with Google Maps, which is its first and natural application to see directions and support for voice commands. The only other alternative app with maps and road navigator that interfaces in Android Auto are Waze for Android. Waze, which is always Google, works in a similar way to Google Maps with voice commands and focuses mainly on driving in traffic, to avoid traffic jams and slowdowns.

Chat on Whatsapp, Messenger, Telegram, Skype on Android Auto

Depending on the chat usually used to chat and send messages, among those best supported by Android Auto there are definitely Facebook Messenger is Whatsapp, which allows you to listen to the reading of the messages when you touch the notifications and to respond by dictating by voice.
Other messaging apps also have support for Android Auto, including Telegram and Skype, which also allows streaming calls and video calls.

App to send and receive SMS from Android Auto

Among the best apps for SMS on Android, we can choose to use Android Auto Pulse SMS, perhaps the number one of its kind, highly configurable, that works on computers, mobile phones, and machines.

All other apps for Android Auto

Google has an entire section dedicated to Android Auto on the Google Play Store for Android Auto apps. On this page you can find many other alternatives to the apps listed above, to listen to the radio, to send messages, to listen to news and podcasts, for many other types of content and features.

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