Best free Android Apps to download for each category

best Android app Given the numerous articles on new applications in this blog, it becomes natural to make a general selection and make a real, updated and valuable list of the best Android smartphone apps like the Samsung Galaxy, Huawei, Xiaomi, LG and all those who have Android as their operating system.
All the applications listed here can be downloaded for free from the official website Google Play, installable with a click.
Apps are not all to be installed on the same phone (unless you have 64GB or more of internal memory), but they must be downloaded according to various needs and interests.
In this summary, we see the Best Android app ever, divided into categories.
In many cases, I will refer to the list of the best for each category so that you can choose an alternative if the recommended one does not work.

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1) Web browser

From the list of the best browsers for Android, we can choose whether to surf the Internet with Chrome, Firefox, Dolphin, Maxthon or other very fast apps to open websites.
I personally think that Google Chrome is the most complete browser on every Android smartphone.
have been listed in a list of 10 free applications.
If we want a light and fast browser to immediately browse anonymous and change IP on the fly, we can try Tor Browser for Android, to be downloaded together with Orbot.

2) Photo and gallery app

Among the best Apps Gallery for Android to browse photos on mobile and tablet the one that you definitely need to install is Google Photos which does an unlimited online backup.
In another article instead are listed the best photo editing applications, effects and photo editing on Android, among which stand out Fotor, Pixlr is Google Snapseed.
If we want to use advanced photo editing tools, Photoshop is also available for free on Android.

3) Camera app

The app to take pictures with a mobile phone changes depending on the model and brand: on some, you will find an excellent app, on others instead of a poorer one that is worth replacing.
In another article, we have listed the best camera apps for Android among which we definitely recommend MX camera.
In another article, we talked about the best apps for taking Selfie Photos with an Android smartphone, most notably the app Retrica.

4) Music app

Android by default promotes its Google Music service as a multimedia app and music streaming app.
If we don’t like this app, we can always change it: there are so many apps to listen to music on an Android smartphone and to find the best one, try them until you find the one you are best at.
We recommend that you immediately listen to the music stored in the memory in the free app Musixmatch, which allows you to hear the music and immediately get the lyrics online.
Among the apps to listen to free streaming music, the one that must not be missing is Spotify for Android.
In another article, to complete the category, we also saw the best Apps for making music and playing on your smartphone and tablet.

5) Video App

On Android smartphones often missing the app to watch a video or the integrated one does not support all videos so it is to be replaced.
Among the best apps to watch videos and movies on Android, the choice falls on the two best apps, ie VLC or MXPlayer, who can play any type of video.
In another article, we have also listed the apps to edit videos and best apps to cut and split videos on Android.
Finally, don’t forget the apps to watch streaming movies.

6) Launcher

Launchers are the apps that modify the interface of the main screen on an Android smartphone; unlike an iPhone, we can always customize the appearance even in a radical way.
In another article, we will find the updated list of the Best Launchers for Android phones, among which certainly stands out Nova Launcher, the most powerful and versatile even if many interesting features are offered for a fee.

7) Keyboard App

The default keyboard on each Android smartphone is different depending on the model, although we increasingly find the Google keyboard installed, ie Gboard.
However, there are many applications to change the keyboard on Android that on paper are much more intelligent and with innovative options, among these, we could not fail to mention SwiftKey for Android.

8) App for SMS

Even the SMS function can be improved (especially if the default is Google Hangouts) by installing a different app among the Best Apps to send and receive SMS on Android.
Among these, a simple, ad-free and safe one is Google Messages, which allows you to receive SMS messages with pop-ups and send emojis between contacts via the Internet.

9) The phone app and phonebook

Phonebook management on Android smartphones changes depending on the model, brand, and version of Android.
In another article, we have already talked about the best apps to call and manage the address book on Android.
Among these it is worth mentioning Google Contacts, to have the phonebook always synchronized with the Google account, e TrueCaller, as an app to answer calls with an anti-drying filter and an integrated call center.
In another article, we have shown you all the apps to record phone calls on Android.

10) Email App

Every Android smartphone has its own email app, which can be good but we can certainly use it better.
As seen, there are several apps to manage, send and receive Email on Android, including the best ones Gmail is Outlook, which also works with accounts other than their respective services, so as to have all the emails in one place.

11) Maps app and navigators

The Google Maps app is already installed on every Android smartphone, so we refer you directly to the Google Maps for Android guide.
But there are also other apps with GPS navigators and Maps for Android that are worth trying and installing as TomTom for Android, Nokia Here Maps (which also work without internet connection) e Waze, one of the best to find alternative roads when there is traffic or when there are sudden detours.

12) Social Network App

Every social network has its Android app and among the most popular we have the usual ones: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr, Snapchat is Tinder the dating app.
If our phone slows down heavily with social network apps (especially Facebook), we can use the versions Facebook Lite is Facebook Messenger Lite which consumes much less memory and CPU during use, thus also saving battery.

13) Google app

Google, to try to make Android smartphones of different brands more similar to each other, divides all the functions of the mobile into applications that can be downloaded and installed on each phone.
In addition to the most famous Google Maps and youtube, there are also apps for text messages, the keyboard, the camera, the phone, the alarm clock, the address book, and many others.
In another article, we can find a complete list of Google apps for every Android smartphone.

14) Cloud app

Cloud service is essential for those who use a smartphone because the most important files can be saved in a safe place online and thus find them on the computer without having to make connections with particular cables or software.
There are many “cloud storage” apps on Android to synchronize files with PC and on the web, among these, we recommend using the most famous and widespread on Android, ie Google Drive.

15) App with Widget

The apps with widgets on the Google Play store are really many.
In another updated article we have collected the best apps with widgets for Android, to try if our smartphone is powerful enough not to be affected by their constant presence.

16) Weather app

Among the apps, the one that never fails is the one with the weather forecast that tells us about the current temperature and situation.
Among the best weather apps for Android, we recommend giving the app a chance 3B Weather, with very precise and realistic information on each day.
In another article, we have also seen the apps with only widgets to see the weather and the time on the screen.

17) Various accessories app

Accessories are apps with tools that use phone sensors or that work for activities other than the basic smartphone.
We have collected some of the best accessories for Android phones in another article, citing the apps for the torch, the code scanner, Teletext and others.

18) Travel app

In the travel guide, we have already covered the best free mobile apps for travel, citing apps like Tripadvisor, Booking, Skyscanner.

19) Sports results app

There are really a lot of applications to watch soccer matches (and other sports) live and know every result in real-time.
Among these, I choose Football strength with match results and goal videos e Soccer Livescores with the football results of the Italian Serie A championship and all the matches in the world.

20) App to track the phone

We have seen, in this regard, several apps to send the position from the mobile phone or to follow in real-time, the apps to find the lost or stolen a mobile phone, the Anti-theft App for Android to control and block the mobile phone away from the PC.
We choose the one that convinces us the most so that we can always find a lost or stolen cell phone.

21) WhatsApp and other messaging apps

Whatsapp is an app that everyone must have on their smartphone to send free messages and even to call.
In this regard, I point out the guide to the main functions and the WhatsApp tricks.
WhatsApp is not the only app of this type and we have seen some alternative applications for free messages on Android, among which it is worth trying Telegram.

22) File management app

ES File Manager is the best among the file manager applications for Android, which also supports Bluetooth connections, browses computer files on the same LAN and also manages files uploaded to the Internet on Dropbox.
Alternatively, we can try a lighter app like File Manager +.

23) Notepad app

The best applications for taking notes and notes on a phone are, among others, at least three: Google Keep, Onenote, and Evernote, all with online synchronization.

24) App Office

Today both with a smartphone and on a tablet it is possible to use the Microsoft Office Word, Excel and Powerpoint Apps for Android.
Alternatively, you can also find the Google Docs Documents, Sheets and Presentations apps, cited among the Free Office app for Android.

25) PDF app

Among the apps to open PDF on an Android smartphone, you can use Google Drive, Adobe Acrobat Reader or even Google PDF Viewer, similar to Google Drive, without cloud features.
In another article, we also saw the Scanner App create PDFs.

26) VoIP phone app

Useful especially abroad and to call free landlines, we can use many apps to make free VOIP calls from smartphones and tablets.
Among these, it is worth installing Viber and obviously, Skype.

27) PC connection app

AirDroid to manage the mobile phone from the PC is unbeatable, especially for its ease of use.
Also worth trying PhotoSync to synchronize photos with PC in WiFi.
Among the indispensable apps, we recommend trying it too Pushbullet to receive notifications of mobile phone messages on PC.

28) App Backup

In another article the Android Phone Backup Applications among which we can mention App Backup and Restore to backup installed applications.

29) App to optimize the system

I have spoken extensively about this type of app, and the best ones can be found in the Applications article to free up space on the Android memory and SD card, among which we mention Clean Master, CCleaner for Android is 360 Security.
We also saw the excellent All in One Toolbox tool to optimize Android.
In another article, we can find the Apps to speed up internet on Android.

30) App automation

This category lists applications that allow you to program and configure automatic actions based on certain events, based on time or location.
We have therefore seen the guide a Llama, the best free app for automated actions on Android.
In another article are also reported the Apps that do everything by themselves to make Android smarter and Applications to increase battery life on Android.
If you want an easy and complex system, we recommend trying it Automate.

31) App with root permissions

In another article we kept a long updated list of the best applications for Android phones unlocked with root, so as to make the most of this possibility.

I remind you that unlocking root permissions is becoming increasingly difficult, as manufacturers have locked the device to bootloader level, thus increasing the steps required to unlock permissions.

32) Best Android apps of all kinds

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Finally, the best Android app ever, the How2do Tech application to receive the latest news of this blog directly on you’re mobile!


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