Best sites to translate languages ​​and words with automatic online translators

Best online automatic translators to translate words and sentences from one language to another, including Italian

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For many years, the great challenge of engineers and technical programmers to be able to develop and implement an automatic translator for all the most common languages. Waiting for this great goal (the famous “universal translator”) On the Internet we can find many translators, some free and others for a fee, available for any operating system but, if we want to translate sentences and words without paying a euro, we can rely on one of the many translation sites that populate the web.
In this article we will then show you i best online translator sites to automatically translate words and phrases of each language, from English, French, German or Spanish, into Italian and vice versa.READ ALSO: Best Multilingual Translator and Dictionary App for Android and iPhone

How to translate online for free

Below we will find all the best sites we can visit to translate online for free, without installing any program on your computer but using your favorite web browser (Google Chrome, Edge, Safari, Firefox etc.).

Google translator

Google, as a leader in web communication, has one of the most advanced instant translators, namely Google Translate.
Google translator

This efficient translation tool offers over 500 language pairs, becoming de facto the most complete tool for translations of texts and web pages totally free of charge.
Google Translate is a dictionary that supports the automatic translation of texts, words, phrases and web pages between any two of all the languages ​​of the world, including English, Arabic, Bulgarian, Chinese, Croatian, Czech, Danish, Dutch, Finnish, French, German, Greek, Hindi, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Norwegian, Dutch, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Spanish, Swedish it’s German.
“The Google Dictionary” is a real dictionary similar to Garzanti or Zanichelli with which you just need to type a term to get the translation, related expressions, languages ​​related to the word, web definitions and exact pronunciation by clicking in a special icon that reproduces the audio.
As seen in other articles, Google Translate also provides voice pronunciation and instant translation of words. It can be integrated Google Translate on the browser to translate web pages into Italian or in other languages ​​with a click and you can also save your favorite translations in a phrasebook by putting the star that appears in the box under a translation.
Always on the subject we can read our guide to 7 ways to use Google Translate with the most useful features.

Microsoft Bing Translator

If we are looking for something similar to Google Translate we can try Microsoft Bing Translator.
Microsoft Translator

This translator supports 50 languages, offers sound clips for some languages, is able to translate websites and translations can be evaluated. To be honest, Microsoft’s online translator isn’t comparable to the Google Translator for now, but still remains the best alternative.
The Bing translator can be integrated into the browser as plugin to translate web pages into Italian.


The best instant online translator it is not offered by Google or Microsoft and is called DeepL.

On the website you can read the results of a comparison test for which the DeepL translation engine is clearly better and more precise than the translators of Google and Bing, obtaining much more precise sentences both from a grammatical and syntactic point of view, what that we can’t always notice by writing long sentences about the tools offered by Google or Microsoft.
Basically DeepL is a site to be preferred and to be used above all to translate longer sentences or to translate whole fragments of text.
To learn more, we can also read our guide More human and natural text translation with DeepL, better than Google Translate.


Tradukka is one of the most innovative services we can try, given that translates the text typed on the keyboard in real timethat is, at the very moment in which you write, you have, on the same page, the translation to see how it proceeds.

Since often these translated texts always have something wrong, having the direct report of how what is written is rendered in another foreign language becomes useful to immediately check if there are oddities or inaccuracies. In fact, with this tool you never change the page and thus become a faster and faster use of the translator, since it is sufficient to type even in multiple languages ​​to get the translated text immediately, without having to tinker with the buttons or without having to guess the language which we eventually copied into the text field.

The best of the online translators can also function as a dictionary is EXE.

which offers bi-directional translations from Italian to English, French, Spanish.
Complete like the best Garzanti vocabularies, it offers multiple translations and suggestions for each combined word or phrase you want to translate.

Other sites for free online translations

If the sites we have shown you do not satisfy you or we are looking for other alternatives, we can choose from those in the following list:

  • MyMemory is a service that supports dozens of languages ​​and has been improved by over 600 million contributions. The automatic translations offered by MyMemory are rather scarce, however there remains a consistent space for manual translations of site users that are always better and more precise than the automatic translations of the Google Translate robots, especially for sentences and idioms.
  • ImTranslator is an excellent translator site that combines several services: Promt, Babylon and Microsoft Translate. For the vocal synthesis of the voice ed also listen to the pronunciation of the translated wordsin addition to Google Translate, there are also others text-to-speech-translator with a vocal synthesizer to reproduce any text written on a sheet with the natural Italian voice.
  • Reverso: one of the best translation services, able to also make grammatical corrections and make translated sentences very natural.
  • Lexicool: this site uses many of the sites already seen previously to perform a cross-platform translation, so that you can compare the results and take the best sentences.
  • a simple translator in which to insert the text to be translated and also listen to the pronunciation of the translations searched.

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Translating online using a simple website is possible, just rely on one or more tools recommended in the guide to learn a new language, translate portions of text and also learn the pronunciation of sentences and words, which is very difficult to do without studying language constant.

If you want to keep a translator always at hand, we can install the best ones programs to translate on PC.
If you want to keep a vocabulary on your PC, like software, the best free dictionary is the Lingoes program.


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