Best Smart TVs at low prices (less than 500 Euros)

Smart TV More and more modern TVs integrate a Smart platform that is quickly accessible from the remote control, so you can view online streaming services and browse Web sites like we were in front of a PC monitor. On these platforms we can find the most famous apps dedicated to streaming: Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Infinity, Now TV, etc. so as to be able to add the favorite streaming content to the classic TV channels. If we think that for buy Smart TV high figures are bad, big mistakes: now you can take home a Smart TV at decidedly lower and more competitive prices compared to a few years ago.
In this guide we will show you how to buy a Smart TV at low prices, carefully observing the features who must have a low-cost TV, accompanying it all with a purchase guide most interesting models available under 500 Euro.

Buy a Smart TV at low prices

Before buying any cheap TV at the supermarket or in a large electronics chain, we advise you to take a look at the features to consider, so as to do not choose models that are too old or have a poor Smart component. For comparison, we can also view the models available online on Amazon, so as to decide whether to buy in the store or on the most famous e-commerce platform in Italy.

Smart TV features

Even if you intend to save money does not mean that you have to throw yourself headlong on the first TV that has the word “Smart”! Before purchasing any model, make sure that the following features are present in the product’s technical sheet:

  • Resolution: as a resolution, we will consider only TVs with Full HD resolution (ie 1920 x 1080 pixels). Many make the mistake of buying a simple HD TV convinced they are buying a TV in high definition when in reality they are buying an obsolete TV with resolution HD Ready; to avoid this type of error we only buy televisions with the wording Full HD, HDTV, 1080p or with the resolution 1920 x 1080 written in the technical data sheet or on the packaging. In this price range we find more and cheaper 4K UHD TVs, but better to check that the following characteristics are present.
  • Smart platform: the platform with the app is usually recalled via the remote control (there is a dedicated key) or more rarely by accessing the system menu. The TV platform chosen must be equipped with the support of the main multimedia apps to watch movies and TV series in streaming (Netflix above all), and in addition, must have a Web browser (it will be easier to access the streaming sites directly from the TV without using a PC).
  • Connections: a respectable Smart TV must have at least 2 HDMI inputs, a 3.5 mm headphone output jack and RCA connectors to connect old DVD players or peripherals. The presence of one or more USB ports is also very useful, so as to be able to connect a hard disk or a key for the reproduction of films transferred on the supports from the PC or to feed the multimedia dongles (such as the Chromecasts for example).
  • Connectivity: to connect the Smart TV to the Internet, make sure that the Wi-Fi connection is present so that it can be connected to the modem/router without having to use a network cable. If the modem is close enough to the TV, we can use the Ethernet port to get a stable connection without interference; if the TV is in another room but we want to use a cable connection, let’s move on to Powerline technology.
  • Tuner: the modern Smart TVs must support the new digital terrestrial by law DVB-T2 joined by the new one codec HEVC, so as to be ready for the next change of national frequencies. So let’s make sure these two elements are present on the chosen TV, so as not to run the risk of having to buy a decoder in the future for the channels of the new digital terrestrial.
  • CAM slot: if we want to see Pay TV channels (for example Sky on digital terrestrial) we will have to buy a TV with a CI + port (or Common Interface Plus), compatible with the latest CAMs on the market.
  • Audio/video codec: when we play a video file from a flash drive or from an external drive we must be sure that the selected TV is able to play it. The most common codecs and containers are AVI, MKV, H.264, H.265, MP3, AC-3 and Dolby. At least these codecs must be supported, otherwise, the downloaded videos and movies cannot be played.
  • Operating system: as for smartphones, even for Smart TVs the operating system is important, for its usability and for the applications that can be installed. In this regard, we can read our article at the best Smart TV for the app system from Samsung, Sony, LG, Panasonic.

Other useful information can be read in our study on Best Smart TVs to buy.

Buying Guide

After seeing the features a cheap Smart TV has to have, you can take a look at the best offers available online.

LG 32LK6200PLA
The cheapest Smart TV we can buy is the LG 32 inches.

This TV has a 32-inch Full HD display, Wi-Fi connection, DVB-T2 / S2 HEVC tuner and webOS 4 operating system, capable of supporting all the most famous apps and also offering control via voice commands (via dedicated remote control sold separately).
If we are interested in this TV we can view it from here -> LG 32LK6200PLA FullHD (€ 217).

An excellent economic smart TV that we can view is the 40-inch HISENSE. Hisense, the Chinese brand, is really expanding with quality products at lower prices than the competition.

This TV has a 40-inch Full HD display, flanked by a Wi-Fi connection, quad-core processor, Crystal Clear Sound system, DVB-T2 / S2 HEVC tuner and the VIDAA U operating system, which can provide quick access to Netflix, YouTube, and other websites.
If we are interested in this TV we can view it from here -> HISENSE H40BE5500 (€ 269).

Philips 49PUS7503
If we are looking for a cheap 4K UHD television, with a large and full-featured screen, we can view the 49-inch Philips.

The TV has a 49-inch UHD display, ultra-slim design, Ambilight system, quad-core processor, 16 GB of internal memory and Android TV operating system, compatible with virtually any multimedia app supported by classic Android (Google Play is present Store to install new apps).
If we are interested in this TV we can view it from here -> Philips 49PUS7503 (€ 399).

Samsung UE49MU6500U
If we want to focus on more prestigious brands without spending a fortune, we can view the 49-inch Samsung.

The TV has a 49-inch UHD display, curved design, quad-core processor, Wi-Fi connectivity and Tizen OS proprietary operating system, with advanced support for all new versions of multimedia apps provided by various streaming services.
If we are interested in this TV we can view it from here -> Samsung UE49MU6500U (€ 485).

Sony KD-43XG70
The most expensive television we can buy in this price range is the Sony 43-inch.

This smart TV has a 43-inch UHD display with support for the HDR color range, LED technology, dedicated 4K X-Reality PRO processor, amplified audio, Wi-Fi connection and proprietary operating system with a dedicated store and web browser (to open all sites without going through the PC).
If we are interested in this TV we can view it from here -> Sony KD-43XG70 (€ 499).


As we have seen, it is not necessary to spend € 1000 to have a nice TV with an integrated Smart platform, moreover made available by famous producers (no Chinese TV or half-known brands). With these televisions, we will be able to see any channel or service in streaming without any problem for at least the next 3-4 years.

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