A series of internal documents leaked in the past few hours has made it possible to discover the deadline of the new AR viewers that Meta Inc will field from 2024 to 2028, with different specifications and features: this is what it is.
Bomb!  Here are the projects of Mark Zuckerberg's new viewers for augmented reality

Recently, Meta unveiled some initiatives to allow creators to monetize. Well, in the past few hours more details have emerged on the matter, together with a substantial series of indiscretions, coming from sources familiar with the issue, on the entire deadline of the company regarding its future viewers for augmented reality.

The first “scoop” has caught the attention of the media thanks to a statement by a spokesperson for Meta Inc who, on the economic newspaper CNBC, has substantiated how much the commissions will actually be asked to creators for the digital objects they will sell in the Metaverse. In particular, the precise share will be 47.5%, including a 17.5% charged by Horizon Worlds (the Metaverse access hub) and a 30% “hardware platform fee” charged by the Meta Quest Store where games and apps for the company’s viewers are sold for simulated realities.

Moving on to the tastiest first fruits, The Verge has come into possession of the entire lineup that accounts for Meta’s projects between now and 2030 regarding augmented reality, AR. We start 2024, through an “epochal” presentation event in iPhone style, with a new viewer, codenamed (Project) Nazare which, in its first emanation, will work without a smartphone, will have a front camera, will work with “expensive waveguides “, will project the contents (to interact with other people’s holograms) through the microLEDs and will be powered by customized processors produced in Asia. There will be stereo speakers, and an autonomy of 4 hours. The operating system, having discarded the idea of ​​a proprietary OS due to lack of time, will be a fork of Android.

Also due to the price, which should be higher than the $ 299 required for the Oculus Quest, and for the current prototype level of the product (it looks like Clark Kent aka Superman’s glasses, weighs about 100 grams), Zuckerberg would not count on selling. many examples (“tens of thousands”) of this first iteration of the Nazare. In the same year, the Hypernova viewer will make its debut, which instead will have a smaller display and will work together with a smartphone, of which it will project notifications, and the second generation of smart glasses produced together with Ray-Ban.

In 2026, the second generation of the Nazare viewer will arrive, improved in power and design and, in 2028, the third generation of the same: overall, by 2030, Mark Zuckerberg plans to sell “tens of millions of smart glasses”, also for to free oneself from the feral grip of Apple and Google (in the advertising field, in the policy for the publication of their stores, and for the comparison with the commissions they require).


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