do not install whatsapp plus Searching for Whatsapp Plus on Google you will find several authoritative sites (so to speak) that recommend installing it to have additional features that the official Whatsapp app does not have.
In particular with Whatsapp Plus it is possible to modify the chat graphic, change the theme, dimensions, colors, and backgrounds in a personalized way.
There are also other functions to hide from others the date of the last access to Whatsapp, to send different emoticons and other tasty things that seem very interesting and attractive.
However, Whatsapp Plus is not a certified or even secure application.
For Android phones, you can’t download from Google Play but from different sites, while for iPhone you also need jailbreak for installation.

These days he is also shooting one of the hoaxes that spread through chains of messages due to ignorance (in a good sense) of less experienced users, inviting the installation of WhatsApp Gold, which will become, in the future, the official Whatsapp app.
The news is completely false, Whatsapp Gold does not exist and proceeding with the link of the message will go to download a virus.

While Whatsapp Gold does not exist at all, WhatsApp Plus not only has nothing to do with Whatsapp on Facebook, but it is also a potential malware from which it is good to stay away.
The APK file to install Whatsapp Plus on Android devices hides communication links to unknown sites and servers, leaving strong doubts about its legitimacy.
Moreover, the chat made with Whatsapp Plus is not absolutely encrypted as it happens with the official Whatsapp app.

Basically, if some site reports Whatsapp plus an improved version of Whatsapp or even if it is reported as an official application, don’t believe it.
For safety, do not download and install Whatsapp Plus and, if it had already been installed, better remove it immediately.
The application could be a malware that can cause problems to the smartphone, putting privacy and security of private data at risk.

Update: Whatsapp is banning users who use Whatsapp Plus or other unofficial clients such as WhatsAppMD therefore, a fortiori, avoid using and installing them.
Whatsapp also warns that: “The developers of WhatsApp Plus have no relationship with WhatsApp, and we do not support WhatsApp Plus. Be aware that WhatsApp Plus contains a code that WhatsApp cannot guarantee as safe and that your private information can potentially be passed to third parties without your knowledge or authorization.”

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