Fewer and fewer companies are choosing Windows 11: here's why

Windows 11 it is a now mature operating system that, in the consumer context, continues to expand with a certain regularity.

In the corporate context, however, it seems that the “creature” of Microsoft has reached some sort of physiological limit. Apparently, in fact, some problems may arise in work environments regarding the updating of existing machines. This translates into companies that, with their computers, have real difficulties meet the minimum requirements di Windows 11.

The resource management group IT Lansweeper carried out research in this context, examining 33 million Windows devices in the enterprise sector. In this regard, it turns out that approximately 67.5% of workstations are eligible for the automatic upgrade to Windows 11. This, seen from another point of view, confirms that almost a third of computers cannot obtain the upgrade, remaining anchored to Windows 10.

Having trouble meeting the minimum Windows 11 requirements? In many cases it is for the CPU

IT Lansweeper analyzed the hardware in more detail, denoting how 67,5% from the CPU il 93,8% from the RAM e 74.8% of the TPM it conformed to the requirements of the latest Microsoft OS. In this regard, therefore, the processors seem to be the determining factor for the failure to update.

Windows 11 has specific basic installation requirements, which include a processor from 1 GHz (or faster) with two or more cores on a processor or SoC a 64 bit, 4 GB in RAM and at least 64GB of storage. Not only that: the operating system requires the use of a TPMwhich is supported only on processors Intel e AMD latest.

While enterprise IT staff can upgrade devices, time and money are other friction factors. To make the situation even more difficult there is a market like that of Mac in continuous expansion, especially in the commercial sector. While Apple devices aren’t as malware-proof as they once were, their lifecycles are longer and more and more entrepreneurs are opting for macOS over Windows.


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