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password protected wifi When you go around and have no internet connection, you can try, thanks to some applications, to find access to secure WiFi networks by cracking the security password they are protected with. This possibility, which for many may seem only theoretical and unrealistic, is really technically feasible, even in a super simple and automatic way, thanks to some Android applications that are designed specifically to do security tests on your network and find vulnerabilities in wifi networks protected. These vulnerabilities are linked to the router that keeps the network up and can be exploited by anyone to access any wifi network around, even without being authorized. in order to give even unauthorized access. These apps, which are called “Tester” and would be used at home, are still powerful enough to try to connect to the Internet in WiFi when we have no other alternative or just to do tests around.
Below we see then the best Android app to find password protected wifi networks, which can be installed on the smartphone for free from the Google Play Store (so no dangerous or risky tricks), useful for check the vulnerability of the home WiFi router and try to connect when we are around.

How can I find protected wifi network passwords?

For those who don’t know what a WPS test app can do, let’s say briefly how apps work on this list.
WPS stands for Wifi Protected Setup and is a security standard that simplifies the connection between devices and routers with the push of a button. It works only if the WiFi is protected by a password and uses the WPA or WPA2 security protocol. We had written a guide on how to use the WPS Wifi button safely and quickly.
The systems in which WPS is activated are, however, much more prone to being hacked than routers with disabled WPS, because the WPS connection works not only via the key but also through a 7-digit PIN.
The test apps detect the brand and model of the wifi network router e try different combinations of WPS PINs which are those commonly used by manufacturers as defaults. If one of these PINs is the good one, then the smartphone connects to the wifi network.
Please note, however, that most modern routers are protected from such attacks by disabling WPS altogether if many failed login attempts are detected, so these tricks only work if we find an old or poorly configured router.
Some of these apps may require Android root access to use all the features, especially if you want to see the wifi password. In addition, to work, they require localization authorization to search for WiFi networks.

App to test access to protected WIFI networks

1) WIFI WPS WPA Tester

WIFI WPS WPA Tester is an Android application to which I had already dedicated an article in the past, which can be used to discover the Wifi password. The main page of the app lists all the networks visible from the phone, showing an acanthus color that can be red, yellow or green. If it is green, it means that the network is not protected or has some vulnerability that is easy to overcome. If it is yellow, it means that it is protected, but that it is possible to bypass the password. If it is red, the network is well protected and has no vulnerabilities.
There are two ways the app can work: root and non-root. In non-root mode, you can connect to a vulnerable network but not see the WiFi password. In the root mode, you can also view the password of the connected WiFi and use other advanced features. The use of the rooted app mode requires, of course, an Android device unlocked with root permissions.

2) WPS WPA Connect Dumpper

WPS WPA Connect Dumpper it has almost all the features of the WPA Tester, albeit with a much uglier interface. This app also shows the list of all the wifi networks available in the area and allows you to find passwords if the smartphone is unlocked with root. One flaw of the app is that it has a lot of publicity.

3) The WauApp of TheMauSoft

WPSAApp is another app for Android to test the wifi router vulnerability, which works to unlock access to protected wifi networks if they have WPS enabled. The use of WPSApp is very simple, so after having scanned the networks around the device, those where you can try to access by generating the PIN of the WPS access will be listed with a green check, while if you see a Red Cross or Question Marks There will not be much hope of hacking the network.
For those who ask, it is not that the WPS protocol is a problem in itself, only that on some older routers and if there are some security settings disabled, then it becomes a vulnerability. We had talked about this in another article on how to connect the PC to wifi without a password.

4) Panagiotis Melas Wifi WPS Plus

Wifi WPS plus is another app to calculate and test different WPS pins on the wifi networks around.


WPS WPA WiFi PIN tester is a newer app available in the Play Store that serves to verify and connect to vulnerable WiFi networks. Here too we can find the color-coding to show the vulnerability of the networks, green if hackable, red indicates if the network is secure.
The app also has a WiFi scanner option that can list all the devices connected to the same network as the phone.

6) WiFi WPS Tester

WiFi WPS Tester is the application with the best graphics of this series, which can be used even without root access.

7) WPS WPA WiFi Tester

WPS WPA WiFi tester is another option to find network passwords and try access to protected networks that have security vulnerabilities. With this application, you can also see in clear the passwords of wifi networks already stored on the phone (but need root-access).

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