Gmail, new anti-spam rules for those who send a lot of emails

Google has announced that it is working on new rules for protect Gmail users making inboxes safer and reducing the presence of spam. Starting in 2024, individuals who send more than 5,000 messages in a day to Gmail addresses (not only but also to other domain names managed by Google) will be asked to carry out an authentication procedure to confirm their identity.

Anyone who attempts phishing attacks or otherwise sends unsolicited messages by users, usually tries to impersonate someone else. To address the problem, Google has decided to focus on validating emails by verifying that the sender is actually who they say they are.

Defenses based onartificial intelligence integrated into Gmail prevent over 99.9% of spam, phishing and malware, according to Google, from reaching inboxes. The system manages to block something like 15 billion unwanted emails every day. Nearly 20 years after the launch of Gmail, however, the threats have become more complex and pressing than ever.

The new provisions against spam active in Gmail from February 2024

From February 2024, therefore, Gmail will require ai senders who send emails on a massive scale of:

  • Authenticate their emails: Senders who send large volumes of messages will need to authenticate themselves in a certain way, following the best practices available.
  • Allow unsubscription: Gmail will ensure that those who send emails to a number of recipients also provide the ability to unsubscribe with a single click and that unsubscribe requests are handled within two days.
  • Ensure sending of desired emails: Google will impose even stricter anti-spam control in the case of mass mailings. Senders will need to ensure that Gmail recipients do not receive unsolicited messages from them.

These security measures they should be considered as basic indications, which the vast majority of businesses should already respect. Google also mentions the location of Yahoo who will collaborate to verify the effective implementation of the new rules by the interested parties.

In the interconnected world of email services, it’s important that we all work together. Yahoo looks forward to working with Google and the rest of the email provider community to turn these common-sense, impactful changes into a new standard“, ha spiegato Marcel Becker, Senior Director Product Management Yahoo.


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