After the announcements at the beginning of April, the roll-out of the function has finally started which will allow, on the mobile side, on Google Maps, to get an idea of ​​the toll price on the routes to be traveled.
Google Maps: the roll-out of the function to find out the cost of tolls has started

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One of the most useful platforms at high altitude Google is undoubtedly represented by Google Maps which, far from being a mere navigation app from one point to another, offers a whole range of information to get around better, just think of the price of fuel. , or the indication of healthiness for the quality of the air. In the past few hours, Mountain View, precisely in relation to Maps, has announced the roll-out of a novelty that has been expected for many months.

The novelty given as roll-out on Google Maps for Android and iOS (but not yet for the web based version of the Big G navigation platform) concerns something already present in the “cousin” Waze app (bought back in 2013 ): specifically, it is a function that, going beyond what was possible in the past (just “avoid” the routes with tolls), allows you to have a “quote” of how much a certain section will cost in terms of tolls.

The information in question, based on data provided by local authorities, currently covering over 2,000 roads in the USA, India, Indonesia, and Japan, takes into account various parameters, such as the payment method, the possible use of a season ticket. , the day of the week of the crossing and the estimated cost at the time of crossing the toll zone.

However, it should be noted that the roll-out function by Google on Maps, which can be deactivated from the options since it is active by default, does not reveal the real price of the individual roads (subject to conventions or discounts on the various routes), but it relates – as an estimate – to the entire journey. Furthermore, it is not possible to select the type of vehicle and take into account any additional discounts granted depending on the method of transport.

In the course of the announcement relating to this roll-out, which took place via a tweet on behalf of the official Google Maps account and through a post on the official support blog, it was also stated that, soon, this implementation will also be extended to other countries, although the name of the same has not been specified, nor has a lineup of the first additional nations to benefit from them been provided.


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