PC webcam If for work or study (or quarantine) reasons we have to make video calls or even better video conferences with multiple users, we will have to better equip our computer so that it can pick up our face and record our voice at the highest quality as well , any program we use (Skype, Hangouts etc.).
Is our PC not ready or are we afraid that the integrated webcam does not offer the necessary quality? In this guide we will show you come add microphone and webcam for video calls to any PC or notebook, so that you can turn your computer into a high-quality workplace, without spending a fortune.
With the suggestions that we will propose in the guide we can keep ourselves ready for online lessons and to apply smart working from home.

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How to use the PC for video calls

Although many notebooks have an integrated webcam, we recommend that you focus on an external model, especially if the computer is to be used for online lessons or for smart working. On a fixed PC, the problem does not arise since an external webcam is always needed to manage video calls and to record our voice.

Webcam features for video conferencing and online lessons

If we intend to use a webcam and a microphone for video conferencing, for smart working and for giving online lessons, we strongly advise you not to focus on cheap webcam models and to make sure that at least the following features are present:

  • Full HD video: only with 1080p resolution will we be able to create high quality direct videos, with clear details of both our face and any notes or sheets that we will show to colleagues and pupils;
  • Double microphone: if we focus on the microphone built into the webcam, make sure it is double, so that we can record our voice in stereo mode (clearer to listen without having to scream);
  • Compatibility: if possible try to focus on models that have maximum compatibility with both Windows and Mac, so you can use any workstation to work or teach.

For maximum sound results we always recommend using an external USB microphoneespecially if you are the one who must speak, explain or teach; if you are not the one to “pull the strings”, the microphones integrated in the webcam are sufficient.

Add webcam with built-in microphone

The easiest method to add microphone and webcam for video calls on PC is to use a USB webcam with built-in microphone. By choosing this type of device, you just need a free USB port to be able to quickly resolve and start working or studying remotely.

The first model that we recommend you evaluate is Logitech C920 HD Pro (70 €).

This modern webcam has a Full HD 1080p / 30fps video sensor, dual Stereo Audio microphone, HD Light Correction and total compatibility with any version of Windows and Mac.

Alternatively we can also view the Logitech C922 Pro (81 €).

On this we can find a 1080p / 30fps or 720p / 60fps HD sensor, HD Light correction system, Autofocus system, Stereo Audio microphone and a comfortable tripod, useful for placing the webcam in other places in the room or near the computer to use.

Finally, we recommend the Logitech StreamCam webcam (€ 164).

This small and compact professional webcam has a vertical video system in Full HD 1080p at 60 fps, versatile mounting options, USB-C socket and dual front microphone, to be able to manage any video call or multiple video conference at the highest quality.

Add dedicated microphone

If we already have a good webcam integrated or recently purchased, we can improve the quality of the videoconferencing by focusing on a dedicated microphone, so that all the interlocutors can listen to us perfectly even with background noises or in rooms with a lot of reverberation.

One of the best external microphones that we can view is TONOR USB Conference Microphone (€ 29).
TONOR Conferences

This interesting omnidirectional microphone will allow you to capture sounds and words even in large rooms, thanks to the numerous microphones positioned on the entire grilled surface. It connects with a simple USB cable and is immediately ready for use, with any video conferencing or video-calling program.

If we are looking for something professional, we advise you to view the ELUTENG USB Microphone Professional Podcast Microphone (30 €).
ELUTENG Microphone

With the comfortable tripod we can position this advanced microphone at any point in front of the computer, even off-field, obtaining a very high recording quality (also thanks to the built-in anti-pop filter).

Another microphone to consider is the TONOR PC USB Microphone Mic Plug & Play (36 €).
TONOR Microphone

As for the models seen previously, just connect the USB cable to a free port on the computer to have a professional microphone with pop filter and tripod at hand, so that you can position it comfortably even off the pitch.


Using a professional webcam and a dedicated microphone we can manage every video conference and video call, obtaining a clean, detailed video with natural and clear sound, ideal for holding a remote lesson for students or working on a shared project by videoconference.

If we want to deepen the discussion on smart working and online lessons (i.e. the scenarios where the tools listed above give the best of them) we recommend you read our guides Smart working programs for working from home is Distance learning: programs for online school lessons.
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