How to Save State Pictures or Videos in Whatsapp

save state images An important feature that has been added to Whatsapp in the last year has been that of the State, which takes over the function of the Instagram and Facebook Stories.
We have seen in another article how to use the Whatsapp Status, which allows you to publish a photo or video making it remain visible to all contacts for 24 hours, after which it disappears.
Even if I didn’t do statistical research in this sense, my feeling is that the state of Whatsapp is really used by few people, mainly by Facebook orphans, those people, that is, who don’t want to post photos on Facebook, but rather prefer to share them with close friends, that is, those whose phone number you have.

In this little guide, we see how to save photos published by friends as Whatsapp Status, with and even without using external applications, on Android smartphones.

Save Whatsapp Status images without app

It is very easy to save published images and videos as WhatsApp status, because when they are displayed, they are downloaded and stored automatically on the phone memory (temporarily). Thus, without using external apps, Whatsapp states can be extracted and saved permanently by following these steps:

To copy and save Whatsapp status files, first of all open the file management app you find, with various names (File) in each Android smartphone. Since we need to view hidden files, it is better to download an Android file management application from the Google Play store that has more features than the default File app (for example I use Total Commander).
In the File Manager, you need to enable the option to show hidden files in the settings. Once the display of hidden files and folders has been activated, go to the main page of the File Manager and touch the section of theInternal archive to find the folder Whatsapp.
In the WhatsApp folder, tap the folder “Average” which contains all the files received and sent on Whatsapp, including photos, videos, audio clips, documents, profile photos, animated gifs and more. In Media, you will also find the hidden folder.┬áStatuses, that contains all the images and videos shown in the “Status” tab of WhatsApp.
You can then open images and videos in this folder to copy them or move them to another folder on the Android system and then save them permanently. Using this method, you can save images and videos of Whatsapp contact status at any time, without installing any other app. If you delete or move a file from the folder. Statuses, in Whatsapp this will no longer be visible.

Android app to download photos from Whatsapp states

If you want to make this procedure faster, you can install one of these applications:

  • Status Downloader for Whatsapp, perhaps the most regular of the many existing ones, which works well for saving images and videos that we see in the Whatsapp Status tab.
  • Status Saver, great for viewing and downloading the image or video posted by one of your friends as WhatsApp status for Android.
  • Status Saver: Video and Photo Status Downloader, to download WhatsApp status photos, videos, and GIFs.
  • Status Save To Gallery to save states on the Android phone to be stored with one touch.
  • Story Saver For WhatsApp downloads any WhatsApp status you want, from the various contacts at once.

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