How to use airplane mode on PC and Mac

Do we want to turn the connection on and off quickly on PC and Mac? Let’s see how to take advantage of the airplane mode integrated in the two systems.

Flight mode

Modern notebooks and MacBooks can quickly turn off all connections (Bluetooth, Wi-Fi) using a function borrowed from latest generation cell phones and smartphones: the Flight mode. Many users ignore the presence of this mode on computer operating systems, relying on connection icons or system menus to turn off Wi-Fi and Bluetooth on the fly, when we can act with the push of a simple button.

In the following guide we will show you how to manage airplane mode on pc and mac, so you can solve many connection problems, restore the correct functioning of the Wi-Fi or simply disconnect the Internet when necessary.

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Airplane mode guide on PC and Mac

Before continuing it is necessary to make a necessary premise: the airplane mode was born as a method to avoid interference on airliners; on airplanes, in fact, many instruments could be affected by the effects of an antenna connected to a cellular data network.

It therefore goes without saying that on Windows 10 this mode is available precisely because some tablet models with Windows 10 have a SIM slot, so as to be able to connect to a cellular data network. This explains why on MacBooks it is not possible to find a real airplane mode, since they do not provide models with SIM slots.

In any case, the functions of the airplane mode go far beyond the simple interruption of the cellular data network: in fact on Windows 10 it also turns off Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connections, as well as any active network connection. On Mac we will show you how to get an effective airplane mode even if it is not present among the options offered by the system.

Manage airplane mode on Windows 10

The fastest way to turn airplane mode on or off on Windows 10 is to open the notification center at the bottom right and hit the quick button Flight mode.

Airplane mode PC

If the button is not visible, it may have been hidden following a change in the buttons in the notification center; to restore the Airplane mode button we open the notification center, press the right mouse button on one of the many buttons in the section, click on Edit quick actions, we select the button add, press on Airplane mode and finally press on Fine.

From the same configuration screen we can also move the position of the keys and remove the quick actions that we do not use or that we do not want to use in the future: for example, if we want to completely remove the Airplane mode button, all we have to do is open the menu again. changes (with the right click on any of the keys) and remove the pin (from the top right corner) present on the icon Flight mode.

Another method that we can use to activate the airplane mode is to open the Start menu at the bottom left, open the app Settings, take us to the Network and Internet menu, open the Airplane mode menu and finally activate the switch immediately under the section title (Flight mode).

From the same screen we can decide whether to activate or deactivate also the Wi-Fi connection or the Bluetooth when we manage the airplane mode, so as to have at least one type of connection always active (for example we can leave the Bluetooth if we have a mouse with this technology connected to the computer).

To conclude, we point out that, on some notebook models with Windows 10, we can also activate airplane mode with a keyboard shortcut.

To take advantage of this shortcut, identify the keyboard function key (immediately above the number bar) associated with airplane mode (usually with an airplane icon), press and hold the FN key (present next to the WIN key) and press at the same time the key associated with the airplane mode; on some laptops, you just need to press the FN key once to enable accessory functions, so you can immediately press the key to activate or deactivate airplane mode on Windows 10.

Manage Airplane Mode on Mac

As mentioned in the introduction, at the moment there are no MacBooks or Macs with a connection to the cellular data network, so we cannot take advantage of the airplane mode as seen on Windows 10. However, we can manage the connections independently by adding the icons of the Wi-Fi and the Bluetooth in the top bar and, if necessary, turn off the connection or connections that we consider appropriate without having to go through the system settings.

First of all, let’s add the Wi-Fi and Bluetooth icons to the top bar of the Mac or MacBook by clicking on the icon of the bitten apple at the top left, opening the menu System Preferences and clicking on the menu Net e Bluetooth. Within the menus indicated, make sure to check the items Show Wi-Fi status in the menu bar e Show Bluetooth in the menu bar.

Wi-Fi Mac

After activating these two items we will see the Wi-Fi and Bluetooth icons appear at the top right; by clicking on be we can turn on and off the connections of the Mac or MacBook using the buttons at the top of the drop-down menus, so as to “simulate” an airplane mode.

If we have problems with the network connection on Mac and don’t know how to fix it, we invite you to read our guide How to restore network connection on Mac.


Airplane mode is little used even on PC (just like on phones), but it is always advisable to know how to activate it or how to manage it, so as to be able to quickly close all active connections in case of emergency (just think of a virus infection or a hacker trying to enter the system) or to restore the correct functioning of the network or Bluetooth connections. On Mac there is no real airplane mode but we can add the connection icons in the top right and manage everything from there.

If the problems persist even after trying the airplane mode, we can fix the internet connection and network problems on the PC and what to do in case it turns out that the PC is not connected or with no Internet connection.

If, on the other hand, we are interested in the airplane mode on smartphones, we can exploit it properly knowing when to use Airplane mode to take your smartphone offline and how activate automatic flight mode at set times.


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