Images and graphic effects to the rhythm of music on PC (Spectrogram Programs)

Music viewersMusic is probably the best stress reliever available, as it can adapt to everyone, it can improve mood, make us feel stronger, more emotional and happier, or accompany us in the sad moments of our life. rest of the world and the problems of everyday life; to obtain an even more involved effect we can also use programs for transform music into images, precisely one spectrogram (the graphic representation of the intensity of a sound based on time and frequency) so as to be enchanted by images that move to the rhythm of music.The programs that we will recommend below can be downloaded for free for Windows PC and used as music visualizers, so you can accompany any song with a graphic effect that moves and “dances” on the rhythm of the music being played, obtaining an effect every time. and a different rhythm based on the piece of music played at that precise moment: by playing cheerful music the visual effects will be lively and colorful, while for sad music the effects will be slower and the colors dull.

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Programs to view the spectrogram for PC


The first viewer we can try is Kauna, available for free from the Microsoft Store.


This app is available for Windows 10 and allows you to play any sound with effects such as Wave, Confetti, Bars, Burning Clouds, Plasma and much more. The frequency of the waves and fine lines also change according to the rhythm or beat of the music, even changing between songs. This app can be used both as a music viewer and as an audio player where everything is highly customizable, being able to use photos or other images during playback.

Morphyre Personal

Another great music visualizer that we can try on PC is Morphyre Personal, available for free download from the official website.


Morphyre is an amazing music viewer with unique 3D scenes; at the time of writing it offers one of the best synchronizations with the music being played. With this app we have total control over the scenes to view and the different effects to show during playback. The app is really very light and compatible even with prehistoric computers, since it is sufficient to have a processor faster than 1 GHz plus a graphics card that supports OpenGL 2 (i.e. all computers sold after 2004).

MilkDrop 2

One of the best music visualizers we can try on Windows is MilkDrop 2, originally a Winamp plugin which later became freely downloadable from the official website.


MilkDrop is a popular and the oldest music viewer we can download for Windows and it comes with a great music viewer with a huge number of presets, which are stored in the .milk file format. These presets can be started in a completely random way or by choosing the ones we like best or that show themselves best with the type of songs we listen to.


If we want to use an online music viewer without installing anything on the computer we can rely on Videobolt, available from the official website.


This site offers numerous paid presets to accompany any piece of music but can also be used for free to create beautiful effects videos that move to the beat. To start we press on Get Started for FREE, choose one of the present presets then wait for the actual editor to appear, so that we can press on Upload and load the song. No as soon as we are satisfied with the result we press up on Produce Video, so you can save a copy of the music video with rhythm effects, so you can play it with any player (including VLC).

Game based on musical visualization

Still on the subject of music visualizers, we could not fail to also point out two games based on the same mechanics of the visualizers seen so far: AudioSurf e AudioSurf 2, both of which are available for a fee on Steam.


In this game we will have to guide a spaceship in an obstacle or points course and each track is dynamically generated based on the song or musical piece we decide to load: the spaceship will speed up or slow down according to the rhythm, as well as the 3D effects present. as a background (always to the rhythm of music). For the most famous songs, a world ranking is also available with scores that are really very difficult to beat (especially for rock music or very lively music), so you can try to beat other opponents or the scores of our friends, running to the rhythm of music and enjoying beautiful special effects. Some game modes also allow you to play together with a friend, so that you can try to beat the game score together.

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With these music visualizers we can totally change the way we listen to music from the PC, since they offer very beautiful visual effects that dance to the rhythm of the music, adapting to our mood of the moment and the type of music we usually listen to. If we want to have fun with the musical effects we can also try the AudioSurf games, which uses the technology of music visualizers to create paths to the rhythm of music.

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