Improve Whatsapp with apps that add features to the chat

improves whatsapp with other apps If there is a type of application that really can still improve, that is Whatsapp, the most used chat in the world, which is now replacing media such as emails and social networks for both private and group conversations.
Today Whatsapp is used by more than a billion people and is constantly growing, becoming a world standard (in the hands of Facebook).
As you might notice, the WhatsApp developers often add new features to every application update, making it always better, more fun and even more useful (for example, the ability to send attachments and PDF documents).
But for those who really want to improve Whatsapp, there are some apps that can integrate it, on a smartphone Android, to customize or add features to the chat without risking privacy, without security problems and which do not put at risk the Whatsapp account.

NOTE: No applications will be reported here that are alternate clients for chatting on Whatsapp such as, for example, Whatsapp Plus or Whatsapp Gold which are almost viruses from which you have to stay away.

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1) WhatsLock, to protect Whatsapp by blocking password access

WhatsApp has become more secure after the addition of end-to-end chat encryption, protecting itself against any hackers who could intercept communications, but has no protection against who can spy on us by picking up our phone.
As already explained, it is possible to hide Whatsapp messages, chats and contacts with different strategies or with a specific application that blocks the chat with an access PIN.

2) WhatsDog for notification when a friend uses Whatsapp and is online

WhatsApp tells us all about when friends enter the chat, but can’t send us a notification. Whatsdog does just that, it sends us a warning when contact is seen online so that we can contact him without it escaping.

3) Dashdow: Previews with Chat Heads for WhatsApp.
Who likes the Facebook Messenger Chat Heads, can also get on Android for Whatsapp by installing this special application, to get better notifications than the standard application, to be able to respond more quickly to messages. With this app-enabled, just tap the notification chat head to see all the messages and just tap one of these messages to open Whatsapp. This is an effective way to not interrupt what is being done on the phone but still check incoming messages. You can activate or deactivate the option to view messages each time they are sent, so it is also discreet. And yes, it works to lock the screen as well. All in all, a wonderful free application whose WhatsApp features should incorporate into their official application.

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4) Chronus: Messages on the lock screen

If the Android smartphone is blocked and a message arrives on Whatsapp, there is no way to read it without unlocking it. With this application installed, unread messages can be displayed on the lock screen as a notification.
Chronus is one of the best widgets for Android’s lock screen and adds a great feature that Whatsapp lacks.

5) Cleaner to delete Whatsapp images from groups and free up space

This application, to which I have dedicated an article, is really useful to find and remove all the photos and video junk we receive in the various groups to which we have been added. This way you can free up valuable space from Android’s internal memory and prevent obscene photos from ending up in the main gallery.

6) Square Pic, to create the perfect image to put as a Whatsapp profile, with the right proportions.

7) Status Saver to download images and videos of Whatsapp Status some friends

8) skEdit, to schedule the sending of Whatsapp messages in a future time

9) Transcriber, to read the audio messages received in Whatsapp as text

10) Parallel Space, two Whatsapp accounts together

As already explained in a previous article, if you want to unify two different Whatsapp accounts on the same phone, you can use this special application, very powerful and that works well.

The app is similar, but conceptually different OGWhatsapp to use two Whatsapp numbers on a Dual SIM smartphone.

11) Instant translator for Whatsapp

The Google Translate app, after an important update, provides the possibility to be called up from any other app on an Android smartphone.
Obviously the best use that can be made of this function is the immediate translation of chats with foreign people on Whatsapp.

12) Fake Whatsapp, to create fake chat conversations.
Who wants to have fun with friends or with reactions on Facebook can easily create, through this application, false conversations that seem really made with Whatsapp.

13) To send automatic replies to Whatsapp messages, you can use another application, as seen in another article.

14) WhatsaAuto allows you to set up automatic replies to messages received in Whatsapp, useful when you’re driving and you can’t pick up the phone.

15) WhatsCrop is the app that crops an image so that it is perfectly visible as an image of the Whatsapp profile, adjusting the dimensions correctly.

16) Apps to create Whatsapp stickers, seen in another article.

17) WhatsApp Wallpapers for set custom backgrounds in chats.
This is a simple app for coloring conversational screens in a different way, as you prefer.

18) Hide is an app to hide last access, blue check and photos and videos of Whatsapp from the gallery.

19) FlyChat, is an app to get notifications with bubbles or floating balls with heads inside, similar to Facebook Messenger.

20) Message Portal is the app that allows you to read received and deleted messages

BONUS: If you want to keep the possibility of seeing the blue check of the others, but you want to hide your own, there are apps like Shh, which, in a clever way, allow you to hide the last access on Whatsapp and if a message has been read.

In another article, the extensions to improve Whatsapp Web on Chrome.

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