Last night was held the first day of the PG Nationals, the tournament that includes the best 8 teams in Italy, and those who have been able to follow will certainly not be disappointed.
League of Legends: the PG Nationals starts with a bang

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The first day of the PG Nationals was a success from all points of view. The peaks of 8000 spectators were reached in the opening match, co-streamed by Brizz, and then stabilized at an average of 3-4000 for the rest of the “eSportiva day“.

The operation that involved co-streaming with several important Twitch Italia figures (as regards League of Legends), therefore, worked and today, when there will be the second day, always starting at 19, we expect to replicate what done yesterday, if not to improve it.
Choral performance regarding Broadcasts and Influencers really perfect: congratulations PG eSports! But let’s move on to the recap of the various matches.

The opening match started at 7pm as per schedule. ANc OutPlayed win against Axolotl after the latter surprised everyone with a very cheesy draft, particularly. The surprise was so great that the Axolotls also take the lead in the early stages of the game, where Rengar together with Ivern mid makes Ahri waste the flash and then kill her. In the upper lane, Skar’s Sion, despite having been ganked pre 6 and killed, kills Stenbosse’s Gangplank twice (in a duel). Hard times also for the OP botlane which, in the end, thanks to an excellent macro game, manage not only not to give too much advantage but also to overturn the fate of the match and finally to win it. Thanks to the comeback largely in the hands of Lotus, MVP of the match, which was able to compensate for the bad start by punishing the opponents’ macro errors (and not only), grabbing the goals that were granted and dabbing where possible, and Stenbosse which is forgiven with crossmap plays and in teamfights.

The second game of the day featured GG eSports in the blueside and CyberGround Gaming in the redside. The game was quite long, about 41 minutes: the ten protagonists also clashed quite hard (on the moor) without ever taking excessive advantage from each other. Much of the time the two teams canceled each other out but in the end it was the moves of the MVP, Eyliph with his top lane Akali that tipped the scales towards the CCGs, taking early advantage from a roam of Gnar and using it to accumulate resources. When, in the final stages, he enters the fights, he has impeccable timing and with surgical precision he manages to eliminate his targets thus leading his team to victory.

In the third match the Esports Empire see it against the Macko. The EE immediately begin to take brutal blows from the Mcks which individually are difficult but begin to rotate and become unstoppable. They move across the map as a single entity and mince anything in their range. They close with 21 kills to 1 of the EE and with about 20k gold diff, showing themselves in a more than dazzling form. At the end of the game there is indecision as to who to reward as MVP, but it will be ACD with his Olaf who will claim the title after having demolished a poor Gwen from the first minutes of the game. Could the EEs do more? Sure, quality is certainly not lacking on their roster, but what a Macko!

The closing game of the first day takes place between the Samsung Morning Stars and the Athlete eSports. The game soon turns bad for Captain Counter’s morning stars and things get complicated as time goes by. A game that should have ended in the 20th minute, as the same installment admits, but which continues thanks to the reaction of the SMS who will eventually give up in front of athletes who control the game very well and close with about 10k of gold lead. . The MVP of the match is Endz, the Athlete’s adc who plays a monstrous Tristana and also allows himself some crazy plays, like that ambush on the river after losing three companions in the fight in mid and where he will find the kill on Czypsy’s Nautilus before fleeing.

As for the second day which will start today at 7pm, here are the matches: Esports Empire – aNc OutPlayed, Axolotl – Atleta Esports. GG eSports – Samsung Morning Stars, Cyberground Gaming – Macko eSports. Ready for the second round?


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