Make New Year wishes and Happy New Year 2022 with personalized messages

The best ways to send Happy New Year 2022 via the internet, via email or via Facebook to all your friends for New Year’s Eve.

Also for make New Year’s greetings you can send friends an electronic postcard or Ecard to be sent via Email to celebrate the new year. The virtual card can contain a still image, an animated image or a nice animation, always customizable by writing a special greeting message and also, in several cases, by choosing the image to display, perhaps by inserting your own photograph.
In this list, i best sites to send New Year’s greetings 2022 via Email or via message on Whatsapp and Facebook, free of charge, with animated postcards or themed images dedicated to the funniest night of the year.READ ALSO: Make a video call party with friends or relatives and group video calls

1) First of all, it can program a greeting message that will be automatically sent on Twitter, Instagram or Facebook as a status update at midnight on January 1st 2022. We saw in another article how to schedule posts and messages on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram

2) Some sites allow you to create animated postcards to send greetings with videos, photos and music and among these are excellent Kisseo and JibJab

3) Canva is a very popular online image production platform for its simplicity and professional tools, which can be used for free for Christmas and New Year greetings. After registering for an account, open Canva’s creation editor and search in the search box at the top left for New Year’s items using the words “new year“or by writing 2022.
Background images, templates, writings and stickers will appear, perfect for creating a New Year’s card to be saved and sent in a message on Facebook, Whatsapp or via Email.

4) Greetings Island is one of the most complete sites in the world for free greeting cards and has its own section dedicated to New Year cards, all customizable and free to use.

5) The number one website for e-tickets is definitely 123greetings which however is all in English and there are no postcards written in Italian. Even if the wish “Happy New Year“It is understandable to everyone, it could still be impersonal were it not for the fact that each postcard is an animated video often well done. The choice is also very wide so you can find ecards for all tastes. The sending can be done via Email but it is preferable to use sharing via Facebook if you want to send it to many friends.

6) To create a simpler greeting card instead but fully customizable is Fotor where you can even create a postcard from scratch. If you choose an already preconfigured model, even if written in English, you can still modify it by writing your own message, by pressing the button Customize. From the editor you can also change the background, color and size of the text and the image. In the end, the card with image and message can be sent via Email to multiple recipients (also with support for Gmail, YahooMail and Hotmail) or via Facebook or Twitter.

7) Those who want to send funnier wishes can instead take advantage Blingee, the site of glitter and sparkling images. With Blingee you have to register on the site to send the “Happy New Year” and the registration also offers the use of the editor to create a new animated image.

8) Even if only in English, it is worth reporting animated postcards with videos and music, completely original and developed by the site BlueMontain. I think you can make a beautiful impression with a postcard of this type that can be sent via email or on Facebook after registration.

9) JustWink is an AmericanGreetings online service that allows, in just a few steps, to create and personalize an electronic greeting card to be sent via Email, Facebook or in other ways. JustWink also exists as an application for Windows 10, iPhone and Android and is one of the app to send greetings with personalized postcards from your mobile.

10) I Italian postcards sites to send for New Year’s greetings are rather static but offer a decent selection of images to send with the writing of happy new year 2021.
The sites are and

11) CreateCustomwishes has several postcards to make wishes for the new year (without registration), with the possibility of personalizing the text and writings in order to write them in Italian and send them via link. The site also has apps for Android and iPhone.

12) Finally, if you do not like or find these postcards uncomfortable, then it is better to send a simple email or message on Facebook, perhaps accompanied by a beautiful new year image or photo. Note that it can create the avatar on Facebook and then publish a personalized greeting image with your own image.
To find images, you should search for “New Year 2022” in one of the search sites for images and photos and then, if you want to customize them, use one of the programs (Photo Card Maker and BestGreetings) reported in the post on how to create personalized happy holidays and greeting cards.

You can also create a greeting card with Word, using greeting cards described in another article.

Finally, Happy New Year from


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