Management software on the Web: all the advantages of an integrated cloud management solution

When you have a business to run, there is a problem that you have to face every single day: it’s all those little jobs that you need to continually do so that the sales process can flow. These are many small grains of sand sprinkled between the gears, ready to block everything at the slightest obstacle. Each invoice requires data to be immediately available; each shipment requires documents and warehouse checks; every contact with the customer requires updated details; when entropy increases, problems inevitably increase and performance drops. This is why valid management software is an essential tool for making your company work as best as possible. Even better if on the cloud. Even better if Management on the Web.

Management on the Web

Capterraa software analysis and comparison tool, defined it no more, no less, as “the best management software of Europen production“. A snapshot of this opinion is the rating of 4.9/5 with which Managementale sul Web is reviewed by the over 10,000 Europen companies that use it every day. These are companies of all sizes, operating in the most varied fields and yet sharing the same basic needs. The answer to these needs is provided by a management system developed on the cloud, capable of being used without particular hardware investments, with maximum reliability, with data secured and with a modular structure. This last feature allows you to limit costs to a minimum while maximizing the service for your operations, which allows you to get the most for everything you need.

The great strength of an ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) platform of this caliber lies in the fact that Managementale sul Web is an “all in one” service, in which the data is loaded only once and can express its value in one multiplicity of directions. The same registry can therefore be used for estimates, shipments, invoices and so on without having to reload the information every time: entropy is reduced, the possibility of making errors decreases, the speed with which processes can be grounded increases. .

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Furthermore, the data also allows a complete analysis of one’s activities, operating with greater depth in terms of Business Analysis to have complete statistics on company processes: by doing so it will be possible to know one’s company well beyond what one cannot perceive thanks to instinct. and experience, since numbers are knowledge and knowledge is value.

To better understand what Managementale sul Web is able to offer, it is possible to delve deeper into the individual aspects or get your hands on it directly through the free demo that can be requested here: this will be the best way to get acquainted with a tool that can radically change the way of working and optimizing daily business processes.


The invoice is the cornerstone of company processes: it is the moment in which the sales and development processes converge, but where the distribution and collection processes begin. It is therefore possible to build the entire management system around the focal point of invoicing.

The invoice is created on Web Management starting from an updated registry which allows you not only to have customer data, but also the history of previous activities, payments, outstanding debts, possible critical issues and so on.


The menu speaks for itself: the multiplicity of available items is the key to the potential that the management system makes available, allowing you to move from invoices to credit notes, via DDT, orders and much more. The registry, from this perspective, is not just a contact list, in short, but a real well of information from which wise advice can arise on how to best manage the customer.

Personal data

The other important list to manage is the one relating to products: warehouses and price lists are thus organized in the best possible way to have a view on stocks and discounts, being able to connect customers and production through the best sales proposals. Once everything has been selected, the data can flow into the invoice without margins of error and create a linear conjunction between the estimate and the payment.

Products, codes, discounts

The electronic invoice is issued automatically at the end of the procedure, uploading everything to the Revenue Agency’s exchange system without having to launch any third-party software. Furthermore, it is also possible to proceed according to the logic of passive electronic invoicing: Managementale on the Web receives the invoices from suppliers, carries out the necessary reconciliations and the document is then archived within a totally automated process.

In short, everything is integrated into a single application: a special “substitute archiving” module also allows documents to be stored in a reserved space, fully respecting the provisions of the legislation in terms of document conservation. The focus of the management system, in fact, is not to serve the sales process, but the company: every single aspect, pre- and post-sales, are included in the perimeter of the area that Managementale sul Web intends to monitor and serve.

Data management

Business Analytics is a logical consequence of all this work: where the data is under control, representing the very essence of the business process, real time analysis is possible to monitor every single element of the ongoing activity:

Console di Business Analysis

Turnovers, collections, outstanding payments, pending installments, orders processed, orders to be processed and much more, up to prospective and retrospective cuts with which to understand (and not just see) what is happening at any moment:

Business Analysis with Management Software on the Web

When you have so much data to manage, cyber security is an extremely fundamental aspect as it is strictly inherent to operational continuity. Malware, like a blackout, a failed server or ransomware, can be obstacles that are as serious as they are unpredictable. The cloud solution puts aside most of these possibilities, leaving open only the possibility of human error. In short, thanks to Managementale sul Web, security becomes just a cultural issue, since the service takes care of software/hardware issues.

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Among the latest innovations of the service it is worth mentioning two integrations which broaden the usefulness of the service and demonstrate once again the all-encompassing nature of a management software such as Managementale sul Web.

The first integration is the one linked to express couriers for shipments: through the management system it is possible to create the delivery note, receive the shipping label and proceed accordingly. You will not need to access any third-party service, since the integration allows you to do everything from the same interface, automatically connecting data and documents in the simplest, quickest and most automatic way possible.

The second integration is the one with the Bank account: thanks to this piece, Managementale sul Web is able to carry out automatic reconciliations by independently downloading the movements and managing them accordingly in the context of the purchase and sale activities carried out.

Automations are the essence of the service as they allow you to erase all those minutes lost searching for data, passwords, documents and information that a simple software is instead capable of managing easily and instantly. Entrusting all this to the cloud means canceling any further operations on hardware or infrastructure, leaving everything to flow easily through the fingers of those who have small/medium-sized companies to manage.

All that remains is to invoice, in short. And for those who want to touch it first-hand “the best management software produced in Europe“, the free demo is available.


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