WhatsApp introduces artificial intelligence, there is a new icon

The intention to further improve all platforms is clear in the minds of Meta’s leaders, who have in fact announced several new features. During the last Meta Connect 2023 the company announced that WhatsApp would get some updates, including a AI chatbot.

Since then, a new update has arrived that only allowed scripts from the beta program to use this AI-based feature. Even now it is not clear when everything will be extended to all WhatsApp users, but there are new rumors that suggest that day is approaching.

In fact, the official launch of the latest beta reserved for the Android application has arrived. This one, with version currently available for download within the Google Play Store.

WhatsApp ready to launch the new AI chatbot within the chat

WhatsApp artificial intelligence update icon

Some highly accredited sources regarding the rumors on WhatsApp report the imminent arrival of an AI assistant in chat. WABetaInfo, a portal constantly updated on updates to the messaging app, anticipates that everything could happen soon, also letting one leak screenshot.

As you can see above, in fact, there is an image that shows a new button which appears in the chat tab. The circular icon, which is a bit reminiscent of Microsoft’s Cortana, will serve to quickly open a chat with the artificial intelligence that will assist the user with every question they have to ask.

This feature is currently only available to a limited number of users who have downloaded the latest Android beta. Great improvements should follow starting in the next few weeks, with the permanent arrival of this innovation. It therefore seems that the period that is leading WhatsApp to receive numerous updates has not ended.

In fact, we remind you that the messaging platform recently received a new update regarding backup. This time it is a cause for concern for users who may not have too much space available for this purpose, as it will be merged with the Google account. However, this change will only affect Android.


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