Popular sites and apps to take quizzes for the school

To create quizzes and school assignments, let’s see together the best sites and the most used apps

School quiz Quizzes are certainly one of the most effective teaching tools at school: with them children and adolescents of all ages can learn new things, answering the questions posed by the teacher or teacher and discussing the results; in high schools they can also be used as a written test or as a test for the end-of-year mark, thus increasing the sense of responsibility of all pupils.

If we are teachers and (between a lesson, an assembly and a meeting) we don’t have much time to quickly create quizzes for the school, in this guide we will show you what they are. the best sites and apps to take quizzes for school, so as to always have new teaching material to bring to students and pupils.

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Google Classroom

The most effective tool for creating quizzes for school is without a doubt Google Classroom, the platform designed for distance learning in Italian schools.
Google Classroom By opening the platform as professors or teachers we will be able to create, in the section Course work, a new task for the class in the form of a quiz, by pressing on Create and then on Task with quiz.

Google Classroom it should be provided free of charge by the school for pupils and teachers, who only need to use their Google account associated with the school’s educational platform to access all the features without paying (the ministry will take care of it).

Online Quiz Creator

Among the best sites that we can use to create fun quizzes for the school we find Online Quiz Creator.
Online Quiz Creator Using a simple email address we will be able to register a free account and create multiple choice quizzes, free text, with blank spaces to fill, very useful for our lessons or for interactive tests, so as to involve users more.

The site provides a free trial with limitations on the material we can make: for example we can enter a maximum of 15 questions per quiz and a maximum of 100 games per month, it is not possible to insert images, assign an account for each student and see the results of the tests. . Once you appreciate the goodness of this app, it is definitely worth buying the paid version in order to unlock all the features.

Google Modules

Another totally free site with which you can create quizzes for school is Google Modules.
Google Modules Using the models already offered or creating our new model from scratch we will be able to quickly share quizzes for the school, using the Google sharing tools (just enter the email addresses of the students to make them access the form created).

With Google Forms we will also be able to keep track of each pupil’s answer and thus create a real virtual whiteboard, on which everyone can compare the results and carry out the necessary checks.

Everything is offered for free, without any constraints or limitations to be unlocked for a fee.
Google Forms is also included and integrated into Google Classroom.


Another very good site for making quizzes for school is Quizizz.
Quizizz On this complete platform we will be able to create all the quizzes for the school and use advanced tools to monitor the correct answers, the wrong answers and the score accumulated by each student, so as to make the quizzes really fun (students can see in real time the and discuss who gave the most correct answers).

Currently one of the best to professionally manage quizzes for school, but there is no support for the Italian language (but nothing prevents us from creating questions and answers in Italian).


If we are looking for a site where we can quickly create quizzes with QuestBase.
QuestBase By registering for free on the portal we will have access to an entire database of questions suitable for school of all levels and ready-to-use quizzes, to be dynamically adapted to the class of pupils or to the challenge to be carried out.

It is currently undoubtedly one of the best of its kind, as it allows you to use ready-made quizzes or use the internal database to create your own quiz to share with the class later.

Online Quiz Maker

Another interesting site to create quizzes for the school is Online Quiz Maker.
Quiz Maker On this site we can find many ideas for quizzes to do at school, with the possibility to choose the type of quiz, use a ready-to-use template, add images and videos to the quiz and quickly share it with the whole class.

With the free account it is possible to generate the test quizzes and test the service, but to unlock all the features it is advisable to subscribe, so you can remove the advertisements, get additional cloud space, manage separate groups of students and log in. to all ready-to-use quizzes.

App to take quizzes for school

If instead of sites we look for app to make quizzes suitable for school, the first app we recommend you try is Kahoot!, available for Android and iPhone / iPad.
Kahoot! With it we will be able to create quick multiple choice quizzes already optimized for the screen of any smartphone or tablet, complete with a general ranking with which to reward the best and punish the worst. Once the quiz has been created, we will be provided with a unique PIN, to be communicated to all competitors who intend to participate in the quiz, so that we can all start playing and learning together.

Another very useful app for creating school surveys of any level is Socrative, available in an optimized version for teachers (on Android and iPhone / iPad) and in a version for students (on Android e iPhone/iPad).
Socrative With this app we will get all the tools to create quizzes of all kinds for each class we have, providing with a simple tap of the finger information on the results cards, on the ranking and on the progress of each student. On the app dedicated to students, on the other hand, the possibility is offered to log in only to the reserved class or quiz, so as to be able to provide the required answers and (if the teacher allows it) to also see if the answer is correct or incorrect (for checks more important, this information can be omitted, as it is already registered on the app dedicated to teachers).

Another very interesting app for creating quizzes from mobile is Edpuzzle, available for Android and for iPhone / iPad.
Edpuzzle The app allows you to create simple multiple choice quizzes, with the possibility of adding multimedia elements (videos and photos) to be played before the actual question, so as to help students find the right answer.


Once upon a time, the tests in the classroom and the quizzes could only be made “by hand” by the teacher, who also had to take into account the numerous classes available to him and offer each of them the right material. With the advent of smartphones, tablets and PCs as very advanced teaching tools, the professor or teacher can schedule a quiz test in minutes, even during the break or at home, during the planning of the tasks to be carried out, so as to involve students more in the tests and allow them to also use smartphones (normally prohibited during class time).

Still to stay on the subject of apps and programs for educational use, we can use the best ones app for school and university on iPhone and Android or choose from Best student programs of each course, so as to be able to expand the teaching capabilities of the portable devices in our possession.

If we need a hand to do school homework with a smartphone or tablet, we recommend using the best ones App for doing homework, so you can answer any question or quiz.


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