news favorite pages This year Facebook has significantly changed its algorithm which selects the news to be displayed in the head on the main page, in order to limit the appearance of posts from the pages and privilege friends’ posts instead.
Therefore, those who have many friends and follow a few pages may, therefore, have noticed the almost complete disappearance of the latter’s posts.
This could be positive for those who have easy “likes”, that is for those who put a lot of likes in pages of any kind without much selection.
However, for those who have selected the pages to follow and were happy to read news from them, the algorithm update has become penalizing and requires manual modification.READ ALSO: Best Facebook pages to follow

To be able to see news from your favorite pages on Facebook you must necessarily change an option.
For example, those who follow How2do on Facebook (but this article applies to all other pages) and no longer see the last published posts appear, just press the “Page followed” button and then choose the option “Show first” and not the default one.
If the page was very important to us, we can also activate notifications when new news is published.
The Show first option requires Facebook to display the latest updates of that page in the main news stream.
This type of modification must be repeated for all the favorite pages that we are interested in reading the news.

The same modification can also be done on the Facebook app for Android and iPhone, searching for the page of the page that interests us and then tapping on the Follow and setting button “Show first“.

Also note that this option is also available in friends’ profiles by clicking on the button Follow already, changing the option to Show first.
This way you can prioritize the posts of some friends to view them more often and before others on the Facebook Home.

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