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The Superfy app uses AI to find your soulmate

To solve relationship problems or personal dilemmas, ask for advice on fashion or on films and TV series, users typically turn to platforms like Reddit or Quora to connect with other human beings. THE AI-based chatbots they are not well versed in this type of topic. And this is how a new application arrives from abroad that leverages machine learning algorithms and AI models for create social connections between real individuals and offer a live chat experience.

Initially conceived as a turbo version of Quora, Superfy launches in Tel Aviv in 2021 by married couple Michal Tamir and Gil Schoenberg. The intention is to use AI technology to instantly match users with knowledgeable people able to provide answers and advice in real time. Instead of turning to search engines or AI chatbots like ChatGPT, Superfy users have the opportunity to engage in conversations with authentic people.

How the Superfy anti-ChatGPT app works

Superfy it was defined by some as “the anti-ChatGPT” precisely because of its unusual approach. This application, unlike many chatbots, does not respond to user questions with more or less reliable answers generated by AI. Because what it does is establish “match” or “love pairings”between real people.

This process is made possible by a artificial intelligence technology owner called Matchpoint AI which, built on a large open source language model, takes into account several factors to create relevant matches.

It follows that the answer you get it will depend on previous human interactions and various parameterssuch as the times you typically use the app, the number of questions you answer frequently, and your knowledge of the specific question.

The Superfy system differs from traditional natural language processing (NLP) methods which are based on pre-indexed dictionaries. Instead, use a automatically generated dynamic database which identifies patterns in user discussions.

Over time, as the founders explain, the artificial intelligence engine learns from user behavior, gaining detailed information about their interests, knowledge and usage patterns. Additionally, Matchpoint AI takes into account topic-related understanding, shared interests, and even “personal chemistry” when configuring pairings.

The reasons for Superfy’s success

The startup claims that only 10% of user posts falls into niche categories for which it could be difficult to get quick answers from real people. In these cases, the Superfy bot steps in to provide automatic responses. The founders report that the average time to receive the first response from a real person is about 20 seconds.

Additionally, the app proactively sends push notifications to offline users to encourage more responses. Although it is currently only available on iOSSuperfy boasts 550,000 registered users and 85,000 monthly active users.

Mainly a young audience (Gen Z)in the United States, Canada and the United Kingdom. In their eyes, Superfy represents something completely new: a place where they can instantly connect with people who share their interests.

A Quora differenceeRedditwhere a small percentage of users contribute content, approximately 85% of Superfy users actively participate by asking and responding to questions.

This high involvement is attributed toChat-like interfacewhich creates a more personalized experience,AI matching accuracy in connecting users and the freedom to provide subjective answers, suggestions, advice and support. Features that led users to spend average 31 minutes a day on the app and to exchange over 10.5 million messages per month.


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