TP-Link launches the world’s thinnest Wi-Fi 6 router

As large as an A5 sheet, just 8 mm thick, the one that the Chinese brand TP-Link presented, during a spring event, as the thinnest wireless router in the world is about to arrive on the market in May.
TP-Link launches the world's thinnest Wi-Fi 6 router

When you are in the process of setting up a home wireless network, you are often faced with the dilemma of some preferred band or channel to ensure a stable, fast and long range connection. Sometimes, however, having a house (or an office) on several floors, the difficulties remain, even having the best router, for example with Wi-Fi 6E. To solve these and other problems, TP-Link came into play.

In recent days, TP-Link held a spring event in China, with which it presented various devices for connectivity. Among these, what turned out to be the most surprising of all was the new “paper routing” 2022: specifically, according to the Chinese group leader in connectivity, it is the thinnest Wi-Fi router in the world, with a thickness of just 8 millimeters and an area that is half (by cutting it in the middle of the long side) of an A4 sheet, that is, roughly corresponding to an A5 sheet.

Based on what was exhibited during the event, the TP-Link paper routing 2022 has a rear metal plate, ideal for fulfilling a dual function: in particular, on the one hand it contributes to heat dissipation and, on the other hand, another, in anchoring the device to the wall, its natural location, solves the problem of the imperfect planarity of the wall.

Technically, the new “paper routing” 2022 by TP-Link is a Mesh router which, upon pressing a button, connects to the main router, extending its Wi-Fi 6 signal. In doing so, it provides various solutions in terms network cards, including the WiFi 6 AX3000, AX5400, AX6000, depending on whether you need, respectively, four, six, or eight dual-band streams. Compared, however, to the standard of the other Mesh routers, the new TP-Link product solves the problem of space occupation, which normally makes them bulky and difficult to store.

Based on TP-LINK Yizhan 3.0 technology, which allows it to easily connect to other TP-Link Yizhan routers, the price of the model in question is not yet known, but only that it will arrive on the market in May.


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