We suggest downloading a verified app: Microsoft blocks Firefox

Mozilla has reported that a growing number of users are complaining about the inability to install Firefox on systems Windows 10. As soon as you try to start theinstaller Firefox displays the message “We recommend downloading an app verified by Microsoft” and the procedure does not proceed. In reality, the behavior is also very similar Windows 11 and it has to do with a particular system setting. We talked about it in the article where we explain how to block the installation of applications in Windows 10 and 11.

The setting Choose where to download apps from blocks the installation of programs

Both Windows 10 and Windows 11, as we explained in the previously mentioned article, provide a regulation that prevents installation of applications outside the Microsoft Store. When the setting is enabled, when you try to install a new program, Windows blocks the procedure and displays the window shown in the figure.

App verified by Microsoft installation

By clicking on Change my app recommendations settingsor by typing Apps and features o Advanced settings for apps in the search box of Windows 10 and 11 respectively, you access a window containing, among the various ones present, also the option Choose where to download apps from.

To have the chance to install apps as is traditionally possible with Windows, just choose Everywhere: opting for Microsoft Store onlythe Microsoft operating system only allows the installation of applications through the online store.

App installation in Windows

The behavior of Windows 10 when installing Firefox

While in Windows 11 the screen already seen previously appears when the option Choose where to download apps from it is not set up Everywhere, Windows 10 uses special treatment for Firefox. In fact, as soon as you try to start the installation of the Mozilla home browser, the following warning screen appears.

Firefox installation blocked Windows 10

Find the differences: in this second case, Microsoft seems to take the opportunity to encourage the use of its Web browser. The central button in fact transforms into Apri Microsoft Edge while the descriptions applied just above it report the expression “to protect your PC” and the advice “alternatively you could use Microsoft Edge, the fastest and most secure browser for Windows 10“.

Compared to the appearance of the message “We suggest downloading a verified app“, Mozilla immediately wanted to intervene by clarifying that any copy of Firefox downloaded from the mozilla.org servers is absolutely safe. You can then proceed with installing the browser.

The behavior of Windows is the subject of criticism from many quarters: the Microsoft operating system should, according to many, limit itself to carrying out its job and not partially side with a browser developed by the same company.


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