WhatsApp: bug fixed, file sharing news, Status update rumors

WhatsApp is working on several fronts: fixed an annoying bug, has dedicated itself to further improving status updates and, at the same time, has released a refinement in the file sharing mechanism.
WhatsApp: bug fixed, file sharing news, Status update rumors

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The popular instant messaging application WhatsApp, always committed to improving the user experience of its users, in this regard has pursued this aim both by correcting an annoying bug, by releasing an awaited improvement, and by proceeding with the development of a future feature. .

Recently, many users have complained of problems in receiving push notifications on WhatsApp Desktop: aware of the malfunction, Menlo Park ran for cover and started the distribution of the fix, implemented in stable version 2.2218.8: to install it, just remove it previous, and implant the new version, available at the WhatsApp.com website (whatsapp.com/download/). If the above problem is still encountered, you can resort to the beta 2.2219.2 of WhatsApp Desktop, whose users are not reporting problems with notifications.

By now WhatsApp is increasingly used also for work, and not only by referring to Business accounts that allow you to propose product catalogs and better manage interactions with customers: WhatsApp, specifically, allows you to avoid the use of emails by sending in attached documents, also subjected to end-to-end encryption. However, in the case of heavier documents (now the limit is 2 GB), it may be useful to know what the remaining time for uploading the file will be.

In this regard, several screenshots that have emerged on the net confirm the fact that WhatsApp has developed a novelty that adds two precious extra information to this procedure: one of them concerns the time remaining to upload the file, while the other is an indicator of the percentage of progress in uploading the file. To take advantage of the two small improvements in question, now in roll-out since the beginning of April and reached a good point of implementation as a user base, simply download the latest beta for Android, from the ApkMirror online repository, or from the Play Store (after subscribing to the relevant page set up in favor of play.google.com/apps/testing/com.whatsapp testers).

From a beta version of WhatsApp Desktop, the feature trackers of WABetaInfo have drawn the development work on a function not yet evident that will impact on the Android and iOS versions of the platform: specifically, it is a further improvement for status updates. . Thanks to it, when receiving a response to a status update, a specific status response indicator will appear, as a result of which it will be easy to infer at a glance that the last response received in a chat was about one. Status update.


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