WhatsApp: group polls on desktop, chat filters in the UWP

One of the major sources of information relating to WhatsApp, analyzing some very recent betas of the well-known messaging, has allowed us to ascertain some of the most interesting functions that Menlo Park has been working on lately.
WhatsApp: group polls on desktop, chat filters in the UWP

According to some recent discoveries, WhatsApp would still be working on the survey function for groups, in an attempt to bring it also on PC while, to improve the user experience, a function that recalls the filters of the email.

During the beta update for iOS, it emerged that WhatsApp is working on a survey system for groups, of which a few updates later it was also possible to appreciate the appearance, According to WABetaInfo leakers, who analyzed a Desktop version of the well-known messaging, beta 2.2215.1, Menlo Park has no intention of leaving behind its computer version and, in fact, traces of the survey system for groups, obviously protected, would have been spotted even in the same. answers given by users, from end-to-end encryption that has long protected every content exchanged on WhatsApp.

In particular, according to the feature trackers, it seems that, in relation to the surveys, it will be possible to set from a minimum of two to a maximum of twelve options. In recent days, WhatsApp has also released a beta update for WhatsApp UWP, bringing it to release 2.2215.1.0, with a new interface for voice calls and the way to view all messages labeled as special.

This update was followed by another, the number 2.2216.4.0, which brings with it something already seen on the WhatsApp business accounts on the mobile side, or the “filter chat by” button: the latter, placed on the screen of the chat list, offers 4 alternatives. With “unread”, it will show all the chats that have not been read, with “contacts” the list of contacts stored in the address book will be displayed, with “not contacts” the contacts not saved in the address book will be displayed, and with “groups” , group chats (both the old ones and those you are still a part of).

As in the case of surveys, even in the case of the chat filter these are functions discovered by peering between the lines of code of the app and, therefore, even by installing the related beta to which they refer, the mentioned improvements will not be available. evidently still in development.


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