Windows 11: 22H2 users are not eligible to receive new features

Change the model again distribution of updates for Microsoft operating systems. With the launch of Windows 11 23H2, the latest version of the operating system, the Redmond company decides to progressively set aside previous releases.

The news that has just been leaked, and which is also very little publicized by Microsoft, is that after February 27, 2024, users of Windows 11 22H2 they will no longer receive optional updates and therefore will not be able to preview the new features of the operating system.

As the company led by Satya Nadella confirms on this page, from the end of February those who will still be using Windows 11 22H2 (i.e. the previous feature update of Windows 11) will receive only and exclusively quality updates i.e. the monthly patches intended to resolve security issues. Nothing more new featuresIn short.

Windows 11 22H2 left behind, despite guaranteed support until October 2024

Microsoft does not explain the reasons why it will stop shipping from February 2024 optional updates to Windows 11 22H2 users. We can hypothesize that the scheme based on the release of Moment packages on a quarterly basis, updates that can introduce a large number of new features, no longer allows you to add new features even on previous releases of Windows 11.

Thus, even if Windows 11 22H2 users are certain that the operating system will be supported, in the various editions, until October 2024 (as per Information about Windows 11 versions), from next year they will have to say goodbye to the possibility of trying out the new features that are gradually presented. Unless you update Windows 11, a step that will still need to be completed by October 2024.

The first version of Windows 11 (21H2) is obviously also affected by the same restriction. As for this version, among other things, official support has already ended (Home and Pro editions). It will end in October 2024 in the case of the Enterprise and Education editions.

Under the pressure of Public Interest Research Group (PIRG), many users are instead clamoring for thesupport extension of Windows 10. From many sides, also thanks to the requirements set to install Windows 11, please note that the end of support for Windows 10 could increase e-waste significantly. When, however, many systems are still functioning and upgradeable to Windows 11 even if not compatible.


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