Windows App: to remotely manage cloud-based systems

Il cloud is increasingly the protagonist of the Microsoft offer. A further confirmation consists in the launch of the new one Windows Appan application downloadable from the Microsoft Store that aims to represent a simple gateway to Azure Virtual Desktop, Windows 365, Dev Box and RPA systems, allowing them to be managed from Windows, iOS, iPadOS clients and via a Web interface. The version will also arrive soon intended for Android devices.

The platforms and services that Windows App manages

Azure Virtual Desktopformerly known as Windows Virtual Desktop, is a virtualization service that lets you run virtual desktops and applications remotely, giving users the Windows 10 and Windows 11 experience multi-session.

Windows 365 is a cloud-based service that creates allows you to access remotely to one virtual machine, hosted on Microsoft servers, using a normal PC. As we have already seen, users can use thin-client that is, devices equipped with a mediocre hardware configuration because all the computational power is moved to the cloud.

Each Windows 365 cloud instance is assigned to the individual user and you can access the productivity, security and collaboration benefits offered by Microsoft 365.

Windows App, gestione cloud Windows 365

Con Microsoft Dev BoxInstead, you can create high-performance, secure, project-specific cloud development workstations. The service allows you to set up “ad hoc” configurations for the needs of developers, optimized for the code that each programmer must write.

In the end, RPA (Robotic Process Automation) is a technology that allows you to automate manual and repetitive tasks using flows developed with Power Automate. This automation capability allows you to connect new and old systems while reducing tasks through user interface-based automation.

RPA is particularly suitable for automate processes rules-based, in finance, procurement, healthcare, accounting, customer service and human resources.

Where Microsoft is looking with Windows App

As it stands, Windows App is – as is Dev Home – another application designed to improve the experience of developers and business users using Microsoft’s suite of remote cloud services. Looking ahead, however, Windows App aims to replace Windows Remote Desktop software which has not seen any updates for some time, not even in Windows 11.

As previously highlighted, Microsoft’s goal is to enable the use of Windows 11 installations cloud-based from any device. With Windows App you can manage remote instances of the operating system thanks also to the support of streaming technologies most recent and high-performance, with the possibility of requesting upscaling or downscaling in order to optimize the resolution based on the client device in use.


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